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18 Times Miranda Hart Spoke The Absolute Truth

"Who needs relationships when kittens are in the world?"

1. Comfort is the most important possible goal.

2. Cats are great.

3. It's OK to get starstruck once in a while.

4. Timekeeping is hard.

5. You should celebrate your achievements.

Have just felt worryingly pleased with myself for choosing a password that was verified by google as Strong. A* to me.

6. Don't be afraid to express your sincerely held beliefs.

7. And definitely stand by them.

8. Science is actually pretty straightforward.

9. Savoury muffins are straight-up evil.

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10. Don't be afraid to start a super race.

11. Exercise is the worst.

12. Always know your strengths.

13. And stand by them.

14. More or less everyone is too young.

20th Century Fox

15. Everything in America is massive and pointless.

16. Always consider the shortcut.

17. It actually is important to believe in yourself.


18. And, of course, to have pudding once in a while.

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