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29 Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About "Harry Potter"

Wizards are actually useless.

1. When they realised that maybe Voldemort wasn't the great wizard he thought he was.

2. When they figured out that maybe Dumbledore wasn't the best headmaster.

3. When they realised the actual truth about Hufflepuff.

4. When they found this massive flaw in all of Harry's plans.

5. When they figured out exactly how important Peter was to the story.

6. When they thought about what teenage girls actually write in their diaries.

7. When they theorised that Harry might actually have PTSD.

8. When they really got down to some solid metaphors.

9. When they started actually just re-creating it.

10. When they realised Draco might have a different opinion.

11. When they thought that maybe Harry wasn't actually very smart.

12. When they figured out there was a much better way that Potions should have been taught.

13. When they realised that Hogwarts explains the entire educational system.

14. When they came up with the perfect scale for describing medical problems.

15. When they realised that maybe some decisons were justified.

16. When they found out that maybe the kids weren't as wholesome as they looked.

17. When they thought that maybe Dumbledore was a bit of a prankster.

18. When they finally figured out that there were some things they all agreed on.

19. When they realised that maybe wizard sex is complicated.

20. When they hypothesised a different upbringing for Harry.

21. When they found the best way to explain the difference between the houses.

22. When they highlighted the ultimate plot twist.

23. When they just got jealous.

24. When they found out that Voldemort was sort of Elvis.

25. When they realised the flaw in one of Umbridge's plans.

26. When they streamlined the whole thing.

27. When they thought about genealogy for the first time.

28. When they realised just how snappy wizard names are.

29. When they started questioning some of Ron's actions.