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Jan 29, 2015

28 Times The "Harry Potter" Cast Were Behind-The-Scenes Best Friends

Behind-the-scenes Harry Potter is the best Harry Potter.

1. Important PSA: If you break something, just run away. Always works.

2. They answered these questions pretty much exactly as you'd expect.

3. Young Dan Rad was more rad than you.

4. And he asked the important questions.

5. Emma Watson is not afraid to straight-up slap a dude.

6. At all.

7. Young Rupert Grint wasn't scared to stick two fingers up at authority.

8. I bet Daniel Day-Lewis does this on set as well.

9. He definitely does.

10. Growing up in public is hard.

11. See?

12. Especially when everyone hates you.

13. Though on the plus side, the charms of the dark side were pretty goddamn powerful.

14. Kissing scenes were awkward. ALWAYS.

15. And here's a perfect explanation of that kiss.

16. Everyone found it awkward really.

17. Daniel Radcliffe was really rough with his wand.


19. Maybe enemies were actually friends. Or maybe not.

20. Young Tom Felton was seriously well-suited to being a villain.

21. Though Jason Isaacs just didn't have that evil instinct.

22. James and Oliver Phelps were pretty much perfectly cast.

23. Helena Bonham-Carter had no time for whatever these men are saying.

24. Nor did she have time to bother with being mature.

25. "Ugh, I have to do EVERYTHING for you stupid boys."

26. Competition was always intense.


27. So it's disappointing that this race has never happened.

That we know of.

28. But most importantly, they were all friends at the end.

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