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35 People Who Failed Better Than You Ever Have

The power of fail will never diminish.

1. The people who ordered these deckchairs that they probably can't use.

How can my mum order deckchairs for the garden for her and my dad and this is what came 😭😭😭😭 dead

2. This guy, fulfilling all our deepest fears.

3. The prospective cook who couldn't quite figure out which way up frozen pizza was supposed to go.

4. This guy who might just be giving up on the guitar now.

5. This guy who just wanted to go skimboarding.

6. This caption writer.

There's not a day goes by that I don't think about this caption.

7. This guy who's incredibly confused by the concept of toenails.

when ur boyfriend doesn't understand a pedicure

8. And this guy, who was just so confused.

Although in all fairness, he had an excuse.

@aamykerr I was playing football manager, give me a break

9. Both of these frogs.

10. This Bee Movie fan.

11. This small child.

12. Everyone involved in this (admittedly delicious-looking) cake.

My mum ordered a cake for my sisters bd n asked for a blond girl on top but it autocorrected to blind n we got this

13. This girl who just wanted to be a baller.

14. This guy who just wanted to be a baller.

15. Look, everyone stop trying to be ballers.

16. The person who decided that hiding the scratch was just as good as actually fixing it.

17. This guy, proving why you should never be a dick.

18. Whoever designed this horrifying Minion product.

Slightly disturbing design flaw in this Minion body wash

19. The person who had to deal with this.

20. This over-cautious parent.

21. The driver that slightly underestimated the height of his truck.

22. The guy making some really really great smack talk.

23. The composer who wrote this, and the person who tried it.

24. This ~cool dad~ to end all ~cool dads~.

25. These girls, and their attempts to nail a dance routine.

26. This dancer.

27. This damp cyclist.

28. This guy, who frankly, should have expected this to happen.

29. The baseball fan who manages to fail three times in quick succession.

30. The wannabe stuntman that should never even have tried, to be honest.

31. And this one.

32. The person who forgot that an MRI was a really big fuck-off magnet.

33. This tragic child.

34. The pig whose shortcut just didn't come off.

35. And this guy, who definitely never expected this to happen.