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    24 Things That Prove We Live In A Dystopian Capitalist Hellscape

    Sure, you can have nice things, but this is all a bit unnecessary.

    1. This TV that costs $150,000 and is bigger than your bed.

    2. This birthday celebration.

    3. And this completely normal way to go bowling.

    4. Ham. That costs this much. And comes with its own DNA certificate of authenticity.

    5. This boat inside another boat for maximum boat.

    6. A sundae that costs $1000 and includes gold leaf and caviar, yet apparently sells at the rate of one a month.

    7. Or this burger that sells for £1,100.

    8. You can buy ice for $325 a bag. Because it is purified. And shaped.

    9. Why not a gem encrusted Xbox 360?

    10. A gold-plated car is a practical and reasonable thing to own.

    11. Not for you? Maybe this one covered in leather is more up your street.

    12. Or there's always the suede option.

    13. If you want a football table to be perfect, this is a totally reasonable price.

    Harrod's babyfoot, the price of my car... #harrods


    Harrod's babyfoot, the price of my car... #harrods

    1:29 PM - 10 May 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    14. There are parking spots in Manhattan that cost this much.

    15. This must be a very festive hamper for £20,000.

    Check out the price tag of this Harrods Christmas hamper. Obscene.


    Check out the price tag of this Harrods Christmas hamper. Obscene.

    7:59 PM - 24 Nov 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    16. And who doesn't have diamonds on their bathtubs.

    The bath tub we saw in Harrods that cost £200,000 #WantOne

    Victoria Frances ✖@ViktoriaFrancesFollow

    The bath tub we saw in Harrods that cost £200,000 #WantOne

    10:44 PM - 20 Jul 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    17. Here's a private island off the coast of Dubai, that may well be falling in the sea, which is why you don't build your own damn island.

    Poseidon is a vengeful god.

    18. 50 Cent made a table out of money and that's totally fine.

    19. A Louis Vuitton punching bag, so you can express all your pent-up rage at... something?

    "Price on request." Estimated to be $175,000.

    20. Someone is actually producing a 24k gold bicycle.

    It costs $495,000.

    21. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. That bike has competition, from this bike. So if you would like a gold bike, the market has seen fit to bless you with multiple options.

    Pros: This is almost $100,000 cheaper.

    Cons: Doesn't seem to be as robust, certainly more suited to roads. If you would like to take your golden bike onto the mountain trails, you'll have to go with the pricier version, unfortunately.

    22. This bar bill is reasonable.

    23. Capitalism is terrible, because this phone case is on sale for £63,000.

    24. And, of course, because of this fact.


    From Forbes.

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