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The 29 Cringiest Things That Happened In 2014

Studies show that levels of cringe in the atmosphere are at an all-time high.

1. This costume party that fulfills all your worst fears about costume parties.

2. This epic new email address.

3. This moment of high romance.

4. Avril Lavigne's spectacular meet-and-greet.

5. This way too TMI share.

6. This person who is definitive and compelling proof of why you should always read the card.

7. This important anniversary.

8. This tattoo of a meme that will be remembered for ever and ever.

9. This woman's answer to what part of his body her husband would most like to change.

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10. Rita Ora's Twitter debacle.

By the way my Twitter got hacked somebody is threatening to release new music I've worked really hard on. Nothing comes out until I'm ready.

11. This teen getting run over by Justin Bieber. Twice.

12. And these fans getting selfies with James Franco. Well, sort of.

13. And this important Twitter question.

14. The outfits this female cycling team actually wore in a race.

I'm no fashion expert but even I know that the Colombia women's cycling team kit seen here is a genuine disaster

15. All these men wearing jeans and smart shoes.

16. This proposal.

17. This story from a job interview.

18. This ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fail that somehow gets funnier every time.

19. #AfterSexSelfies

20. #PoopingSelfies

21. This cringiest of Year 9 banter.

22. And then this.

23. This triumph-LOSS. This loss.

24. This misunderstanding.

25. The all-time cringiest third-wheel moment.

26. These birthday wishes.

27. This fucking guy.

28. Ariana Grande cringing away from the wing of a Victoria's Secret Angel, which was clearly the most perfect cringe of the year.

29. Though this ran it close.

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