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Kanye's Brits Performance Actually Featured Top UK Grime Artists

It wasn't just a few random guys.

At the Brits, Kanye West gave an epic performance of "All Day", a new track.

But afterwards, a number of Twitter users started complaining about it.

Other Twitter users have been calling out those complaints as racist.

To say "Kanye is promoting Gang culture"really says something about your sense and high level of prejudice

If you actually think Kanye's performance yesterday promoted gang culture etc, I acc fear for the human race.

If Kanye's performance encourages gang culture then Bobby Beale encourages murder. Pipe down please.

Anyway, grime artist Skepta tweeted this on the night of the performance, and it quickly went viral, as most of the people on stage for Kanye's performance are significant figures in UK grime.

#BRITs2015 Shout out big bro @KanyeWest ❤️

Shorty from BBK was there, and posted this excited Vine shortly after the performance.

Hip-hop duo Krept & Konan were on stage.

Jammer, who has released three full-length albums since 2010, performed as well.

Jammer and Kanye crouching together like Kanye knows who Murkle Man is, never thought Ill see the day

Novelist, who was nominated for a Best Grime Act MOBO in 2014, was involved.

As was Stormzy.

And Fekky.

And, finally, Skepta.

So basically, Kanye brought most of UK grime on to play his new track with him.

Kanye even ended his show by thanking Skepta.

And he's not the only one – just last week Drake thanked Skepta in the liner notes for his most recent mixtape.

"This tape would not be possible without @Skepta." - Drake.

So it's been a great couple of weeks for UK grime, and Skepta in particular.

Skepta is doing a lot for us still, he created a wave in America and turned it into a tidal. Im excited for his album campaign.

Wiley recognised the performance the following morning, and acknowledged Kanye for supporting the scene.

Last Night A Statement Was Made . @Skepta & @kanyewest made it . My brothers was on stage at the Rarsclart Brit Awards . Thank u God.

Kanye Knows The Brits Ain't letting dons in there like that so he kicked off the door for us.Imagine 1 of us saying Yeh I'm bringing 20 dons