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Posted on Oct 29, 2015

The 23 Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened On Facebook

It's not just baby pictures, it also has some sick burns.

1. When this guy owned one of those cashiers who just talks way, way too much.

2. This very, very real possiblity.

3. This totally legit sale.

4. When this happened.

5. This really important discussion of romance.

6. This incredibly true response.

7. When this person used scripture in the best possible way.

8. This disaster.

9. This fair point.

10. This satisfying explanation.

11. This true tough guy.

12. This all time epic troll.

13. This struggle.

14. This inevitable response.

15. And this one.

16. This glorious April Fool's joke from NPR.

17. This very important selfie.

18. This truth about textbooks.

19. This use of mathematics to shut someone down.

20. This justified response.

21. This unsurprising reality.

22. This facepalm.

23. This crisis in the Dogspotting Facebook group.

It really, really is NOT a place for jokes.

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