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    29 Photos That Will Make Developers Laugh Every Time

    Geek jokes are the best jokes.

    1. This sign.

    2. This conversation.

    3. This fix. Well, it's funny for everyone except Peter.

    4. And this one.

    5. This pun about something you really shouldn't do.

    6. This flawless reply.

    7. This important news story.

    8. This struggle.

    9. This debate.

    10. This.

    11. This terrified innocent person.

    12. This building that was apparently designed by some who was new to CSS.

    13. This struggle.

    14. This screenshot.

    15. This burn.

    16. The name of this store.

    17. This aspiring screenwriter's nightmare.

    18. This explanation of Ruby on Rails.

    19. This sexting.

    20. This mug.

    21. This yearbook quote.

    22. This response.

    23. This question.

    24. This version of Cards Against Humanity.

    25. This ambitious idea.

    26. This discussion.

    27. This explanation.

    28. This answer.

    29. This pub sign.