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The 47 Most Important Moments From Taylor Swift's New Video

Period drama, horses and misandry. All in the video for "Blank Space."

1. Breakfast in bed with a cat. Lovely.

2. That isn't even a movie cat. That's actually Taylor Swift's cat Olivia Benson.

Poor, non-famous Meredith.

3. And this fella turns up, with moderately good hair.

4. Now there are some horses in her bedroom, which is a totally normal thing.

5. This is what Gone With The Wind would have looked like if everyone was a goth.

6. But look! Look at the happy couple.

7. Riding horses in a totally romantic way.

8. Bikes indoors! So wacky. So much happiness.

9. Not that there's not some time for dramatic striding.

10. And looking at this lovely picture which absolutely nothing is going to happen to.

11. Fourth wall? What fourth wall?

12. This is a heart so they must be in love.

13. And a lovely picnic. Nothing could ever go wrong here.

14. OH WAIT. Sean, what the hell do you think you are doing?

15. Oh, you earned this nuclear side-eye. Feel that side-eye, Sean.

16. Misandry!

17. Plant pots!

18. Melodrama!

19. "I will literally rip your fucking face off."

20. Don't text other people near Taylor.

21. "Oh, was that your phone? OOPS."

22. This wall shall feel Taylor's raw emotion.

23. Well, that was inevitable.

24. It would appear she is a little upset right now.

25. And the natural response to that is to just start destroying everything.

26. Taytay rage face is better than all other rage faces.

27. Hey there, Regina George.

28. LOL.

29. Oh no.

30. "Knew I should never have gone on OkCupid."

31. The apple is a metaphor, definitely.

32. The voodoo queen attempts to pull apart Sean's head.

33. OMFG the apple was poisoned!

34. Oh, cool, axe in the face.

35. Argh.

36. Damn, even Olivia Benson is getting involved.

37. Cool, yes, very clear.

38. You know you've always wanted to see a GIF of Taylor Swift beating up a car with a golf club in slow motion.

39. More sharp objects. And cake that is bleeding with no explanation.


41. Then she stands on a horse, because of course she should stand on a goddamn horse.

42. Hey, OK, cool, that's totally normal, let's all just say that's totally normal.

43. This is Taylor Alison Swift slapping a tree and then nearly falling over while carrying an axe. Taylor, this is an intervention. Please be around fewer sharp objects. It's not safe.


45. This is how you kill someone and still look really cute doing it.

46. This new guy who is arriving will clearly be totally fine.

47. Taylor Swift is a serial killer.