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34 Fails More Glorious Than Any Fails That Have Gone Before

The amount of fail in the world is approaching dangerous levels.

1. This tattoo that gets more wrong the longer you look at it.

2. This slight mistake with a sweatshirt.

3. This person who should never have trusted anyone.

4. This hard-fought game of giant Jenga.

5. This person proving why you should always concentrate.

6. All these people getting everything wrong.

7. This disgrace.

8. This slice of cheese pizza that in no way is a carefully covered up pepperoni pizza.

9. This attempt to eat a lollipop that just didn't quite work.

10. This sign, having an existential crisis.

And I finally got to see one of the famous philosophically challenging WHS booze signs

11. The ultimate rage-quit.

12. This discovery that maybe not every child is an innocent ray of hope.

just took the ipad aff ma wee sister at complete random and casually open safari to find out she's planning ma death

13. This developing crisis that has ruined someone's life.

14. This selfie that Larry David is just ecstatic to appear in.

15. This reason why we really, really need better education.

16. This all-time best proof of why Vine only leads to bad things happening.

17. This thorny issue around women's rights.

18. The person who lovingly screenshot, and lovingly printed out, these Facebook photos.

19. This hairnet-wearing that might just be slightly ineffective.

20. This spectacular disaster.

21. This muppet.

22. This subtweeter getting a harsh lesson.

23. This reporter getting owned by a skateboard.

24. The person who framed a selfie.

25. This anti-theft plan.

26. And this equally secure bike rack.

27. Whatever the hell happened here.

28. This policeman face-planting.

29. This exchange.

This actually just happened oh my fucking God

30. This foam apple disaster.

31. This proof of why you should never use your mouth as a bowl.

32. This celebration going so, so wrong.

33. This acronym that defies all rules.

Guys, no, this is not how acronyms work

34. And this demonstration that all happiness is fleeting.

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