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    • Response to How A U.S. Marine Deals With A Cheating Girlfriend:

      catwoman7usayear ago I’m notasoldier neitheraMarine butIdid writeapaper about “Military Service Branches”.Ihad to do my research and interviews to write this paper. “Marine” means something more thanaSoldier. They are “WARRIORS” and more can be expected from this person. The goverment decided to createasmall group of man that were willig to die for their country andIseriously mean DIE. They took ideas from other branches and builted the MARINES. To be the first ones to go into war for the most part and to find out how the situation was, instead of sending their Army Soldiers and having them die and making themasmaller group.Igive my respect to All the men and woman serving in the military butIgive more respect to the Marines becuase they are trained very different than any other branch. The government brain wash them to die and die proud and not to be afraid. Their ways of thinking is very different thanaSoldier. It is very hard for the Army and Airforce to acceptaMarine into their branch after they have served their time in the Marines because it is hard to changeaMarine mind(thinking, ways). During an argument atabar MSgt. Woyshner shouted, “OnceaMarine, alwaysaMarine!” and he was right. Not everyone can earned the title “MARINES”. They are hold toahigher standard than any other branch. Their training and mind thinking sticks with them for their rest of their life. THANKS TO ALL THAT HAVE SERVED OR ARE SERVING IN THE MILITARY.

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