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    16 Surefire Signs That You're Watching A Telenovela

    There's always an evil twin.

    1. People go around slapping each other like it's an art form.


    And, let's be honest, it really is.

    2. Every villain has a perfectly calculated evil scheme.


    Which they mull over while wearing dark red lipstick.

    3. But they're always miraculously foiled at the last minute, which leaves the villain in an institution/jail or for dead.


    4. People born into extreme poverty become millionaires overnight through a twist of fate.


    Usually, it's from marrying an heir or reuniting with a very rich long-lost relative.

    5. Or, better yet, a mysterious will that no one was expecting surfaces, and it changes all of the characters' lives.


    6. There's always someone, with zero actual qualifications or experience, who inherits the family business and runs it as if they were some kind of MBA grad.


    7. The leads always have an evil twin.


    Or is part of a set of triplets, if it's a really ambitious soap opera.

    8. There's always an illegitimate baby being had...


    9. And an orphan/long-lost child who is reunited with the family.


    Many times, the illegitimate pregnancy and the missing child are linked.

    10. If there's a wedding in the last episode, it's a happy one. But if it happens at any other point in the series, it will definitely get interrupted in a very dramatic way.


    11. Someone's always listening in on private conversations while hiding in the shadows.


    12. People don't use regular curse words — they go for super elaborate ones like...


    13. The central family of the series has a dark secret that must be protected at all costs.


    They, of course, never succeed.

    14. People have full conversations with each other without, ya know, actually facing each other.


    15. There's always a near-fatal accident that leaves the victim incapacitated or in a coma.


    They either lose one of their five senses or their entire memory; there is no in-between.

    16. Oh, and of course, 99.9% of the entire cast is white.



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    This post was translated from Spanish.

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