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    Here Are 17 Of The Biggest Myths About Being A Gay Man That You'll See In Pop Culture

    For starters, not all gay men like theater!

    1. Myth: Gay men always have a group of fabulous best girl friends with whom they spend all of their time.

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    Truth: Just like any other person, gay men can have all types of friends. Fabulous girl friends, non-fabulous girl friends, gay men and, yes, straight men too.

    2. Myth: gay men are either super effeminate or super macho.

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    Truth: Of course, both of those "types" exist, but there's a whole spectrum of personalities. Just like you'd find with, ya know, people in general.

    3. Myth: Effeminate men are usually "bottoms."


    Truth: A person's preferred role in sex has NOTHING to do with their personality.

    4. Myth: All gay men are spectacular dancers.


    Truth: That's another generalization, people.

    5. Myth: anal sex is as easy as cracking open a can of soda.

    Truth: It takes some serious time and preparation, people.

    6. Myth: Gay men are always super extravagant, especially when it comes to the way they dress.


    Truth: Obviously, style and manner of dress varies by the person.

    7. Myth: Gay men are all also super extroverted, dramatic and talk really loudly.

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    Truth: Hate to break it to you, but nope.

    8. Myth: Every gay man is dying to be a drag queen.

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    Truth: Some gay men like to dress in drag, but some don't. Plus, many guys who dress in drag are straight!

    9. Myth: Musical theater is like the gay man's gospel.


    Truth: Nope! Again, tastes vary widely.

    10. Myth: All gay men are open to having a threesome.


    Truth: Nope! It's a matter of personal preference.

    11. Myth: All gay men are obsessed with pop divas.

    Truth: This is definitely a common passion (CARLY SLAY JEPSEN 4 EVER), but plenty of gay men prefer different musical genres, just like, ya know, everyone else.

    12. Myth: All gay men are promiscuous.


    Truth: Nope! That's a total generalization.

    13. Myth: All gay men have a huge fetish for leather.

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    Truth: Sorry to disappoint, but not every gay man will have a leather harness in their closet.

    14. Myth: Gay men want to hook up with their straight friends.


    Truth: Most gay men, just like most people, view friends and potential hookups differently.

    15. Myth: All gay men have perfectly toned bodies.


    Truth: **Say with with us** Just like everyone else, gay men have all kinds of body shapes and sizes!

    16. Myth: All gay men are fashion experts.


    Truth: Not all gay guys pay attention to trends or fashion. They do as they please, just like everyone else!

    17. Myth: All gay men are only interested in sex.


    Truth: Many gay men seek meaningful relationships, just like everyone else does.

    So, tl;dr, every gay man is unique and deserves to be valued for who they are — no matter what pop culture dictates! ❤️


    This post was translated from Spanish.