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You Can Buy SCENTED Christmas Wrapping Paper?!

This isn't just wrapping paper...

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Scented Berries or Scented Snowflakes?

Marks and Spencers / Via

Yep... Scented Christmas Wrapping Paper is available from Marks and Spencer for Christmas 2014.

The nosehair-tingling stationery promises to waft the smell of cinnamon to it's recipient as they hurriedly open their Christmas gift. And Britain is obviously on board, as both versions are already out of stock on their website! If you are interested, it is still available in some stores...

This looks to be the start of great things, and other companies are jumping on board for 2015, with Mulled Wine flavour festive stamps already in production from the Post Office.*

(*This is not true, but it's getting put out there in a "if you build it, they will come" kind of way.)