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9 Working At Home Tips To Ignore

Take some of the pressure off, because making a living is hard enough.

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2. You WILL benefit from scheduling time for chores in your working day.

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OR. You could do chores when you can, after work or at the weekend, like those who work a 9-5 and because this is basically a way to use chores as an excuse not to do work. The only exception is time-sensitive chores like dentist appointments etc.

3. It's BETTER if you dress for 'work' and put on makeup.

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OR. You could not waste money you don't have. Why are you putting on makeup if you don't need to? Why are you wearing your best clothes sat at home? Get up, ditch pyjamas, wash and put on clean and comfortable clothes.

4. You NEED to follow a schedule.

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OR. You're probably gonna break schedule because your willpower is questionable at best. Instead you're going to make sure you know what you need to achieve that day, not which hours you have to achieve it in.

5. Apps that block distracting websites are a GREAT IDEA. / Via

OR. A social media presence is probably really important in whatever industry you're in. So rather than shying away from Facebook, you use it for your means. Look for jobs, catch up with others doing thing, add recently completed projects to your profiles e.t.c.

6. Daily exercise is INTEGRAL.

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OR. Continue your current fitness regime (if it's working for you) but monitor your posture and try not to sit for long periods. Make sure you have an ergonomic computer stand and supportive chair. If possible, have a stand up desk. And move as much as you can, however you can.

8. DON'T do any work outside of your 'working hours'.

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OR. If you have a great idea or can't ignore an email/task, don't feel guilty about getting it done. Just take an extra long lunch tomorrow or a half day next week, but don't enforce restrictions on when you're allowed to work. Isn't that why you don't want to work a 9-5?

9. You HAVE be really super-organised.

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OR. Amazing search functions on computers/emails mean you don't actually have to be totally meticulous in labelling and filing every area of your work life. Sure, keep on top of things like your finance records, your calendar and your workload. But if your projects aren't colour-coded, you'll probably survive.