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    27 Signs You're Addicted To "Serial"

    You've lost a considerable amount of sleep over the Nisha call.

    1. You have tried to recount everything you did on a random day 6 weeks ago at least once.

    2. Adnan Syed’s name frequently comes up in your daily conversations.

    3. You can never listen to K-Ci and JoJo's "All My Life" the same way again, because that was the song Adnan and Hae danced to at prom.

    4. You get an eery feeling every time you drive past a Best Buy.

    5. Although you aren't even sure that that's where it all went down.

    6. And you definitely aren't sure that there was ever a pay phone there.

    7. You get chills whenever you hear Adnan's voice on the phone from prison.

    8. But Cristina Gutierrez's makes you cringe.

    9. Not only do you listen to Serial the podcast, but you listen to podcasts ~about~ Serial the podcast.

    10. You have looked at, read, and reread every photo, map, letter, and other document on

    11. And you have spent way too much time investigating alternate theories on Reddit.

    12. You have lost a considerable amount of sleep over the Nisha call.

    13. You expect everyone in your life to be Team Adnan or Team Jay. Nothing in between.

    14. You have convinced all of your friends to binge listen to the podcast because you need someone to debrief about it with.

    15. You would sell your soul for a live interview with Jay.

    16. You would also like to give a piece of your mind to Kevin Urick.

    17. You have missed your bus stop at least once because you were so captivated by something Sarah Koenig was saying.

    18. You’re sure there is something Mr. S isn’t telling us.

    19. And you don't even want to get started on Don.

    20. You make sure that someone sees you EVERYWHERE YOU GO, just in case you’re ever accused of killing an ex-lover.

    21. You are dying to know Cathy’s real name.

    22. You don't know where you would be if Rabia Chaudry hadn't brought this case Sarah Koenig’s attention.

    23. You have considered attending UVA School of Law just to befriend Deirdre Enright.

    24. You have also considered starting your own hit podcast.

    25. You will never understand how Dana could care about a shrimp sale at the Crab Crib during such an important mission.

    26. The final episode evoked strong emotions in you.

    27. You can guess who might have killed Hae Min Lee, but you still don't know what Mail Chimp is.