An Ode To Miley

It’s time to face the strange ch-ch-changes.

An ode to Miley, who we all can agree
Always seemed as sweet as could be.

You remember her as just a little tyke,
Before she was Draco Malfoy’s lookalike.

Before she gave up Hannah Montana,
Even before she rocked Tupac’s bandana.

Before causing her parents worried pangs,
Back when she wore a wig with blonde bangs.

All joking aside, you still think of her highly,
Because, let’s be real, she’s just being Miley.
But one thing we’ll never completely unearth
Are the happenings between her and Liam Hemsworth.
Fighting or not? He is or isn’t her beau?
Are they meant to be? Will we ever know?

The once little girl of Billy Ray Cyrus
Has become something sexy, cool, and desirous.
You probably thought that Miley would never
Engage in so many wild endeavors,
But there are several instances we cannot ignore:
She made out with a doll, and then did it once more!
By the way, this doll looked just like her.
She explained to Jimmy Kimmel what the reasons were.

Juicy J invited her on stage to twerk;
I guess that’s another celeb status perk.
Miley’s dance moves went viral, all over Vine,
But you have to admit, the girl’s butt is FINE.

I say all this with love; I’m on Miley’s side,
Especially when she supports gay pride!

The public was in for a shock, indeed
When Miley was pictured outside smoking weed.
On magazine covers, she looks totally hot,
Showing the world she’s no longer a tot.
It’s a lot to handle for her old man, Billy Ray;
Any more of this and his long locks will turn gray.

But Miley won’t settle down; she’s not ashamed!
Plus we had a fair warning: she can’t be tamed.

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