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    58 Signs You Went To Summer Camp

    Why else would any self-respecting person own Crocs?

    1. You wore a uniform similar to this:

    2. Your mom or dad wore the same one when they went there.

    3. To this day, all your towels still have your name on them.

    4. You physically cannot talk about a baby shark without breaking out into: Baby shark do do, do do do do Baby shark do do, do do do do Baby shark...

    5. But the Linger song brings a tear to your eye.

    6. Thinking about taking the dreaded swim test on the first day of camp every year makes you nervous to this day.

    7. You still have an impressive costume collection leftover from camp skits and theme nights.

    8. Being good at skits was the equivalent of being good at life.

    9. You know that if you see Tajar once, you forget what he looks like, but if you see Tajar twice you forget to forget what he looks like.

    10. You looked forward to movie night all week.

    11. Whatever was shown at said movie night dictated the inside jokes for the rest of the session.

    12. And probably the song you obsessed over too.

    13. And maybe even that year’s camp crush.

    14. You are skilled in various types of boating.

    15. You even know the official names and proper technique for all the strokes.

    16. The same goes for mountaineering.

    17. And horseback riding.

    18. You've at least known how to properly mount and dismount a horse since you were 9.

    19. You still have scars from picking at your bug bites summer after summer.

    20. In spite of being exhausted, you rarely rested during rest hour.

    21. Instead you played cards.

    22. Or wrote letters.

    23. Or formed a massage line.

    24. You know what it’s really like when 7 strangers are picked to live in a house.

    25. You were always so jealous of your friends whose birthdays were during camp.

    26. You have a Crazy Creek chair with all your cabin names written on the back.

    27. Somehow you fit everything you needed for the whole summer into one trunk.

    28. Camp was the one place where you honestly didn’t care how you looked.

    29. Sometimes you even wore Crocs.

    30. Okay, fine, you wore Crocs every day.

    31. Except for the one night that you had a dance with another camp.

    32. Camp was the only place where your interpretive dance moves were properly appreciated.

    33. Which were usually performed to awesomely bad 80s music.

    34. You loved “water games.”

    35. But you always skipped “land sports.”

    36. Everyone knows a 5-day hike is just an excuse not to shower for a week.

    37. Not that you ever really showered there anyway.

    38. That’s what the lake was for…right?

    39. But really, why were you so against showering?

    40. You know that it’s pretty easy to get through camp without ever actually camping.

    41. Which is why you may or may not know how to pitch a tent.

    42. You or a cabin mate cut your hair at least once. It was definitely uneven.

    43. Your ear piercings are probably uneven for the same reason.

    44. You never got homesick.

    45. In fact, you basically forgot your parents existed until visitation weekend.

    46. You made lifelong friends at camp.

    47. And your friends at home always sort of lacked in comparison.

    48. The camp dining hall was so good that you might have even gained weight there.

    49. And dining hall raids were serious business that required weeks of planning.

    50. If you wanted candy, you had to sneak it.

    51. And the counselors used a code word like “broccoli” when they talked about it, which didn’t make you want it any less.

    52. Getting a letter from home was the highlight of your day.

    53. Your camp was on a beautiful lake.

    54. Which probably included a water trampoline and a “blob.”

    55. You still sleep with a pillowcase covered in your camp friends’ signatures.

    56. You will always remember your camp’s address.

    57. Every summer, you cried uncontrollably on the last night.

    58. You are yet to experience something as bittersweet as the last day of summer camp.