31 Hypothetical Celebrity Baby Names Inspired By North West

Kimye’s decision to call their firstborn North West has provoked a whole new trend of ironic, oxymoronic, and just plain moronic celebrity baby names.

The Oxymoronic Names:

1. Bow Stern

Son of Howard Stern

2. Runnin Walken

Daughter of Christopher Walken

3. Straight Gaye

Son of Marvin Gaye

4. Clean Messi

Daughter of Lionel Messi

5. Queen King

Daughter of Steven King

6. Old Young

Son of Neil Young

The Directional/Geographic Names:

7. Chesapeake Bay

Daughter of Michael Bay

8. Planet Mercury

Son of Freddie Mercury

9. Down Lowe

Son of Nick Lowe

The Moronic Names:

10. Grassy Knowles

Daughter of Beyoncé Knowles

11. Alaskan Cruise (Al for short)

Son of Tom Cruise

12. Varsity Letterman

Son of David Letterman

13. Virginia and Honey Hamm

Twin Daughters of Jon Hamm

14. Bi Poehler

Daughter of Amy Poehler

15. Ultra Downey

Daugher of Robert Downey Jr

16. Scare Crow

Son of Russell Crowe

17. Half Nelson

Son of Willie Nelson

18. Soda Pop

Son of Iggy Pop

19. Lightning Bolt

Daughter of Usain Bolt

20. Power Plant

Son of Robert Plant

21. Endless Love

Daughter of Courtney Love

22. Common Law

Son of Jude Law

23. Brocken Spektor

Son of Regina Spektor

24. Broccoli Spears (Brock for short)

Son of Britney Spears

25. Lime Stone

Daughter of Emma Stone

26. Heirloom Rose

Daughter of Axl Rose

27. Poison Berry

Daughter of Chuck Berry

28. Red Wood

Son of Elijah Wood

29. Dark Knight

Son of Gladys Knight

30. Arm Pitt

Newest addition to the family of Brad Pitt

31. Wild Wild West (It’s a double name)

The next baby of Kim and Kanye West, who started this trend themselves

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