27 Signs You’re The Regina George Of Your Friend Group

You’re fabulous, but you’re evil.

1. You’re kind of hard to describe.

2. Maybe it’s because you’re basically perfect.

3. Or because you’re so mysterious.

4. But you could literally get hit by a bus and people would still think you were awesome.

5. Because everything you do is.

6. You’ve mastered the 3-way phone call.

7. Your favorite movie is Varsity Blues.

8. You’re so over people talking to you.

9. Especially your mom.

10. You’re totally hot.

11. But being this hot is harder than it looks.

12. Which is why you’re always working on it.

13. You can tell anyone off.

14. And sometimes you can be pretty b*tchy.

15. How your last relationship ended is kind of a mystery.

16. But you gave it your all.

17. You always drive your friends around.

Bonus points if it’s in a sliver Lexus.

18. Even though sometimes they bug the sh*t out of you.

19. But you always help them out when they need it.

20. Because you really have their best interest at heart.

21. You never really go to SAT Prep.

Bonus points if it’s because you’re secretly hooking up with someone in the projection room above the auditorium.

22. You’re definitely a trend-setter.

23. Everyone is obsessed with you.

24. Even if they’re obsessed with hating you.

25. Like, to the point that it’s a problem.

26. Let’s face it, you’re the queen bee.

27. And you don’t know what your hive would do without you.

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