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    27 Signs You Are Margot Tenenbaum

    Bonus points if your middle name is Helen.

    1. You light up whenever you get the chance.

    2. You've been doing this for a long time.

    3. Often in private.

    4. In fact, you prefer to do most things in private.

    5. Because secrecy is kind of your thing.

    6. That's why you like to keep your relationships on the DL.

    Bonus points if previously mentioned covert relationship is with your (adoptive) brother.

    7. You spend a considerable portion of your life in the bathtub.

    8. You may have been described as "emo" at some point in your life.

    9. But you don't need to talk about your emotions all the time.

    10. Or ever, really.

    11. You ran away from home at least once in your childhood.

    Bonus points if you slept in a museum.

    12. You have a relentless suitor.

    Bonus points if he's your neighbor.

    13. You frequently make clandestine phone calls.

    14. You've been sophisticated and bright since a young age.

    15. As have your siblings.

    Bonus points if you've ever written a play.

    16. You have a signature look.

    17. Which consists of variations of the same outfit everyday and black eyeliner.

    18. You know that something as insignificant as a ring finger isn't worth replacing.

    Bonus points if you're actually missing a finger.

    19. You are a muse.

    If only to one amateur artist.

    20. You went through an experimental phase.

    Bonus points if said experimental phase involved a secret marriage.

    21. You have a strange relationship with your father.

    22. And your brother.

    Bonus points if you were also adopted.

    23. Guys tend to go kind of crazy over you.

    OK, really crazy.

    Like, flat out insane.

    24. You may or may not be a natural blonde.

    25. Excitement tends to follow you wherever you go.

    26. Though you probably don't see it that way.

    27. Last but not least, your family is the shit.