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    23 Signs You're The Marnie Of Your Friend Group

    Sometimes being inside your own head is so exhausting that it makes you want to cry.

    1. You overanalyze everything.

    2. Sometimes it's overwhelming.

    3. You manage to keep it together though.

    For the most part...

    4. You give good advice.

    5. It's probably because you aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

    6. You constantly change your mind about what you want.

    7. What you really want is some guidance.

    8. At least you know your likes and dislikes.

    9. You're really pretty.

    10. Your friends tell you all the time.

    11. But you try to be humble about it anyway.

    12. You have a few regrets in life.

    13. You're one of the smartest of your friends.

    14. You notice things that others might not.

    15. You take your job very seriously.

    16. You're becoming more independent and realizing you don't need to rely on a guy to be happy.

    17. You have high standards in all areas of your life.

    18. You're dramatic at times.

    19. And maybe a little uptight.

    20. But you can be fun once you let your guard down!

    21. Like, really fun...

    22. Sometimes you might be slightly self-centered.

    After all, you're only human.

    23. But deep down, you always want what's best for your friends.