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17 Times Bathrooms Have Made You Want To Cry

Oh, crap.

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2. Going in after someone whose digestive system clearly isn't well.

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You hope and pray that the time it takes you to do your business is less than the amount of time you can go without breathing.

3. When you're waiting outside and you can *hear* the person inside.

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We can send satellites into space, but yet we still make bathrooms with doors that aren't soundproof. Our species is doomed.

5. The orphan poop.

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When a little something got left behind after the flush and no one is brave enough to take responsibility for it.

Cue the ultimate game of Who Done It (extra shade edition).

6. That guy who refuses to touch anything.


We all know that one person (and, hey, it might even be you!). They'll go to great lengths to ensure that their skin never comes into contact with anything that may have been contaminated by other people's poop particles. Tbh, some of their tactics are actually lowkey impressive.

But dollar bills also have germs on them, yet they don't seem to be too concerned about that...


8. PSA to the men of the world: please control your spray.

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It's fine if you miss a little. After all, nobody's perfect! But, for the love of God, grab a piece of toilet paper and wipe it off. Really, those of us who have to sit there afterwards will thank you for it.

9. The awkwardness that is the urinal.

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You're standing there, waiting for something to come out, and next thing you know someone's walked up right next to you to do their business.

It's like when someone gets on the treadmill next to you, even though there are 10 other unoccupied treadmills in the gym. But this is 1000x worse.

10. When you only feel comfortable using your own bathroom.

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Other people's bathrooms or, even worse, public restrooms terrify you. You become incapable of doing what you went in there to do, thus only prolonging the agony of the situation.

11. When someone leaves a "work of art" in the bowl for you.

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Seriously, can we all just agree to equip public restrooms with a toilet brush? That way, if you're going to leave something there that the rest of us won't want to see, you can at least clean it up before the next lucky person walks in.


15. People who open the door without knocking.


For those of us who are a bit shy or insecure, we take special precautions to ensure that this traumatic situation does not occur: turning on the water, coughing, playing music on the radio... anything to signal to those disrespectful people that the bathroom is "ocupado."

17. And then, of course, there's always that person who takes waaaaaaay too much time in there.

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Texting, scrolling through their newsfeed, looking through what people have in their medicine cabinet... don't they realize other people have to pee (or even worse, poop), too?!


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