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Which Housewife Won "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" This Season?

Three BuzzFeed superfans weigh in on which housewife came out on top.

LOUIS' WINNER: Kyle Richards

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Yes, really. Before this season, Kyle has always been too wishy-washy to dominate: Her refusal to pick a side ended up making her look two-faced. But when the drama was focused solely on Kyle and Kim — two sisters who have battled it out to varying degrees of hysteria since the series began — Kyle was easily able to emerge on top. And that's thanks to a major assist from Kim, who fell under Brandi's vampiric thrall and emerged as a nasty, mean-spirited Renfield, eager to throw vague accusations at everyone and subtly disinvite Kyle to Kim's daughter's wedding. Basically, thanks to Kim's descent into pure villainy, Kyle has never looked better. But Kyle also stood her own, refused to let Kim's cruelty go unchecked, and called Brandi on her relentless stream of bullshit. This season couldn't have been easy for Kyle, but she handled it like a pro.


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Personally, I've always been a fan of Lisa's distinctly above-it-all persona, and her ability to maintain a certain level of class no matter what was being flung at her. That's why watching her crumble last season (following an orchestrated attack against her) was so unpleasant to watch. In her tagline this season, Lisa promised, "Throw me to the wolves, and I shall return leading the pack." And dammit, she did! Reconnecting with Kyle, who's at her most sympathetic, was a smart move. Like Eileen, Lisa was a perpetual voice of reason, but she also managed to mostly stay out of it. When she did finally lay into Brandi at the reunion, it felt like she'd been waiting all season to strike. And she never even broke a sweat.

IRA'S WINNER: Eileen Davidson

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The moment Eileen Davidson leaned across that table at Kim and spoke in her best soap opera tone: "Beast? How DARE you!" my heart melted. I was expecting Kristen DiMera and Ashley Abbott to rear their heads on the show. Maybe Eileen would be overly dramatic and villainous in real life, I thought. But what I actually got was a respectful, levelheaded, and hilarious woman who invited us into her home and still managed to throw down with these crazy heffas with some class and grace. She was the only one who was making sense during the reunion, calling Kim out on her double standards and telling Brandi she needed help. She was also a great friend to Lisa Rinna, who needed one with the roller coaster of emotions she went through all season. I can now add RHOBH to Eileen Davidson's long list of flawless roles.


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I am the last person on earth to be a Kyle Richards fan. I mean, during the reunion, I wanted to pull out a classic Teresa Giudice line and shout, "You're the devil. You're wearing red!" But thank god for Flotsam and Jetsam (Kim and Brandi) this season, because they performed the insurmountable task of making Kyle likable. I still find her oblivious and petty, but how could you not feel for someone with a monster like Kim — a woman who keeps bringing up the past to hurt her, would reference other people who are "better" than her, and claims to not have had a relapse even though we saw it happen on camera — raging against her? Kyle finally stopped taking Kim's shit and came into her own as a person. This season was dark AF — hopefully we can get back to the self-centered Kyle of previous seasons, and maybe she'll be someone I love to hate instead of just hate.


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It’s those goddamn lemons. Yolanda Foster managed to get through this season of craziness while rocking perfect hair and a beautifully cut leather jacket, and battling a chronic illness. Now, I don't understand her constant support of Brandi (who has no ability to own up to her mistakes and is literally the definition of a hypocrite), but you have to admire the fact that Yolanda doesn’t throw her friends aside when they fuck up. She continues to see the good in people, even when they get really drunk at parties, say evil things, and then don’t take accountability for their actions. Yolanda is the kind of mother and friend everyone wants, someone who is there through the good times and the bad. Also, when Kim went off the deep end this season, Yolanda didn’t insert herself into the ruckus like Lisa Rinna. Instead, she stated her opinion calmly and deliberately (albeit a tad condescendingly) and then went on her merry way. She likes talking through an issue, clean resolutions, and moving on. Plus, the fact that she just stood up from an argument to go eat dinner makes her my hero.


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Oh, Eileen. I couldn’t quite figure you out at the beginning of the season. You were quiet, made mom jokes, and had to deal with Brandi throwing a glass of wine in your face. But now I realize you were just sane — a completely and utterly normal human being who can work through problems rationally and maturely among a group of psychopaths. Notice how she can explain why something makes her upset, states her opinion loudly and honestly, and then accepts apologies. None of this, “But you still did thissss” and “You did thattttt.” She is the Greek chorus that we deserve. This show wasn’t supposed to get so dark, but I do thank you for your service.

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