The 16 Most Traumatic Things About "Nothing But Trouble"

    The 1991 flop didn't make an impression on most adults, but it scarred plenty of kids for life.

    1. Dan Aykroyd (who also wrote and directed) plays a 106-year-old judge.

    2. His prosthetic nose is pretty clearly a penis.

    3. He eats a hot dog, and it's basically NSFW.

    4. He also drinks hot Hawaiian punch.

    5. The judge makes criminals ride Mr. Bonestripper, a deadly roller coaster whose name kind of says it all.

    6. John Candy is in drag. A lot.

    7. Here's John Candy in a wedding dress.

    8. Reminder: THIS IS AN ACTUAL MOVIE.

    9. Chevy Chase and Demi Moore have a romantic subplot.

    10. There's this whole thing where they get caught in a ball pit?

    11. And then they find Jimmy Hoffa's body.

    12. There's a random (and lengthy) performance by Digital Underground.

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    You might remember them as the group behind "The Humpty Dance." You hopefully don't remember them from this awful movie.

    13. This was Tupac Shakur's acting debut.

    14. There are two mutant twins named Bobo and Lil Debbull.

    15. They play with Demi Moore, and it's weirdly sexual.

    16. The movie ends with Chevy Chase RUNNING THROUGH THE WALL.