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27 Amazing Things We Might Get In A "Gilmore Girls" Movie

Now that the Veronica Mars movie is happening, could there be a Gilmore Girls film on the horizon? Here's what that might look like.

1. Romance.

2. A lot of sass.

3. Essential life advice.

4. Self-awareness.

5. Self-criticism.

6. Diet tips.

7. Mother-daughter bonding.

8. Inappropriate mother-daughter boundaries.

9. Existential musings.

10. Complicated family dynamics.

11. Comfort.

12. Admirable life goals.

13. Bad decisions made from the heart.

14. Bad decisions that are really, really cute.

15. Coffee porn.

16. The perils of addiction.

17. Seriously, this woman could use help.

18. Like, maybe the movie takes place at coffee rehab?

19. Physical comedy.

20. A healthy appreciation of food.

21. Dating guidelines.

22. Constructive make-out criticism.

23. Fashion education.

24. Truisms.

25. Emotional highs and lows.

26. Vocabulary building.

27. And a considerable dose of nonsense.

Just remember, if a "Gilmore Girls" movie does happen, your non-fan friends will never really get it.