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Amanda Bynes Can't Stop With The Casual Racism And Homophobia

The former teen star has been criticized for calling People staffers "faggots," but that's only the most recent instance of Bynes' hateful language.

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Amanda Bynes' recent Twitter posts have been erratic, to say the least (and that's not taking into account her more-than-erratic in-person behavior). Online, she's butted heads with Perez Hilton, RuPaul, and Rihanna, among others — and her racially charged language and use of gay slurs have former fans turning on her. Why has Bynes decided that calling someone a "faggot" or an "ugly Asian woman" is appropriate?

Take, for example, this tweet to People:

The tweet has since been deleted, but it was up long enough to draw criticism from RuPaul, who tweeted, "Derogatory slurs are ALWAYS an outward projection of a person's own poisonous self-loathing." Is that why Bynes keeps returning to racial and sexual identity-related attacks on her perceived enemies? The "faggots" tweet is the most overtly hateful, but other recent tweets carry equally bigoted undertones.

Look at her following tweets at Rihanna, which have also been deleted:


The horrifying implication that Rihanna deserved her abuse aside, Bynes' assertion that Rihanna is "so ugly tryin to be white" is repugnant. It does, however, fall in line with past behavior. Just last month, she made TMZ headlines when she referred to an aggressive photographer as an "ugly black man." At the time, she denied accusations of racism, explaining, "It's just your face. It's not a black thing ... There's an ugly white one. It's not racist."

Why the designation, then? And why does she repeatedly return to it? When she threatened to sue Us Weekly, Bynes tweeted, "I'm talking to the ugly Asian editor and all the ugly women I met when I did a shoot with you." And in her ongoing feud with Perez Hilton, she recently said, "he makes being gay look bad."

And then, of course, there's this (also deleted):

Bynes won't stop calling people "ugly" any time soon — it appears to be her go-to insult. But is it too much to hope that she'll drop the slurs and unnecessary designations? While someone this troubled deserves our sympathy, her less-than-subtle bigotry is making Bynes harder and harder to defend.