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    A Timeline Of Jared Leto's Many Onscreen Looks

    Over the past 20 years, Jared Leto has lost weight, gained weight, and shaved his eyebrows — all to create the perfect style for his eclectic roles. Check out how many different looks he's tried on.

    1994: "My So-Called Life"

    1997: "Prefontaine"

    1998: "Basil"

    1998: "Urban Legend"

    1999: "Girl, Interrupted"

    1999: "Fight Club"

    2000: "American Psycho"

    2000: "Requiem for a Dream"

    2002: "Highway"

    2002: "Panic Room"

    2004: "Alexander"

    2006: "Lonely Hearts"

    2007: "Chapter 27"

    2009: "Mr. Nobody"

    2013: "Dallas Buyers Club"