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    A Timeline Of Jared Leto's Many Onscreen Looks

    Over the past 20 years, Jared Leto has lost weight, gained weight, and shaved his eyebrows β€” all to create the perfect style for his eclectic roles. Check out how many different looks he's tried on.

    1994: "My So-Called Life"


    Ah, Jordan Catalano. This is the Jared Leto we fell in love with: the long, flowing locks, the youthful good looks, the flannel.

    1997: "Prefontaine"


    Jared Leto's first starring role was in the movie Prefontaine, in which he played '70s athlete Steve Prefontaine. He looks the part, with dirty blond hair, sideburns, and a mustache that was probably considered sexy a few decades ago.

    1998: "Basil"


    In Basil, Jared Leto went back in time again, playing a British aristocrat in a film based on the 1852 novel of the same name. He's still handsome, of course, but distinctly old-fashioned. (And his hair looks really silly in some scenes.)

    1998: "Urban Legend"


    For Urban Legend, Leto went back to a more natural look. This is classic late '90s. It's the most conventional he would ever look.

    1999: "Girl, Interrupted"


    Annnd back to the '60s for Girl, Interrupted. Look at that glorious facial hair. No wonder Winona Ryder was into him.

    1999: "Fight Club"


    Also in 1999, Leto played Angel Face in Fight Club. (His face doesn't stay angelic after he gets the crap beaten out of him.) For this role, he bleached his hair and eyebrows, creating an especially dramatic look.

    2000: "American Psycho"


    And now we're in the '80s. Guys, is Jared Leto a time traveler? Anyway, he's got a slick businessman look here, and it's kind of attractive if you're into that aesthetic.

    2000: "Requiem for a Dream"


    That same year, Leto went through his first dramatic weight loss for a role. As a heroin addict in Requiem for a Dream, he had to look gaunt. But stay tuned: his gauntest role is yet to come!

    2002: "Highway"


    It's like he's physically incapable of staying in the present. This 2002 film was set in 1994, the week before Kurt Cobain's suicide. Leto looks like a punk, and you probably wouldn't have been into it even if the year were actually 1994.

    2002: "Panic Room"


    Ugh, cornrows. The less said about this look, the better.

    2004: "Alexander"


    Back in time again. Way, way back in time, like a few hundred years B.C. The long hair is OK, but the eyeliner's a bit much. Then again, Leto was also wearing eyeliner while performing in 30 Seconds to Mars. What are you gonna do?

    2006: "Lonely Hearts"


    Care to guess the time period? It's the '40s. And I think Leto actually looks pretty dapper here, even with the wispy mustache. It fits Raymond Fernandez.

    2007: "Chapter 27"


    We already knew he could lose weight for a role, but in 2007, Jared Leto got really chunky to play John Lennon's murderer Mark David Chapman. He did not carry the weight terribly well. But, you know, good on him for committing. Also he got gout.

    2009: "Mr. Nobody"


    Yep, that's Jared Leto under all the old age make-up. After a few years focusing on his music, he returned to acting with Mr. Nobody, in which his character eventually aged to 118. Nobody needs to live that long. Look how wrinkly he gets!

    2013: "Dallas Buyers Club"


    Dramatic weight loss once more β€” scary dramatic this time. Check out these Terry Richardson photos to see just how skinny he got. Leto is almost unrecognizable playing a transsexual prostitute with AIDS. As it turns out, shaving one's eyebrows makes all the difference.

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