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    10 Of The Best Travel Destinations You Should Visit In 2019

    Let the trip planning begin.

    1. Nairobi, Kenya

    Chingting Huang / Getty Images

    Who'll love it: animal lovers

    Why go in 2019: Thanks to the recent launch of a direct flight route between Nairobi and New York City, spotting elusive lions and leopards on safari is now just that liiiiitttle bit easier. As both Africa's safari capital and one of the continent's fastest growing cities, Nairobi offers a unique contrast between the city and the wild.

    2. Juneau, United States

    Dee Browning / Getty Images

    Who’ll love it: foodies

    Why go in 2019: Juneau, Alaska, is having a foodie moment (I mean, why else would it be hosting the 2019 International Food Blogger Conference?). Focusing on fresh, local seafood and wild fruits, the food scene here is understated, delicious, and eco-friendly by nature. Be sure to check out Salt, an up-and-coming modern Alaskan restaurant that serves food foraged by the chef himself.

    3. Hong Kong

    4. Litchfield National Park, Australia

    5. Patagonia, Chile

    6. Yukon, Canada

    Chinaface / Getty Images

    Who'll love it: nature lovers

    Why go in 2019: The Yukon territory is a prime place to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, and soon you'll be able to see them in a whole new way — on board a private jet! The Aurora 360 is taking flight for the first time in February, but if you don't make it in time for that, camping out in a tent is equally as magical. While you're there, make sure you visit Kluane National Park and Reserve to hike up Mount Logan, Canada's tallest peak.

    7. San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Dennisvdw / Getty Images

    Who'll love it: conscientious travelers

    Why go in 2019: Since the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017, Puerto Rico has made huge strides in rebuilding the island and tourism is a key way to keep that regrowth underway. With amazing food (visit the famous Pork Highway just outside of San Juan), colorful architecture, and gorgeous natural beauty, traveling to the island this year doesn’t just benefit Puerto Ricans, but will also be a trip of a lifetime.

    8. Panama

    Damocean / Getty Images

    Who'll love it: party goers and beach bums

    Why go in 2019: This year marks the 500 year anniversary of Panama City and a celebration you won't want to miss. Special events such as parades, exhibitions, and musical shows are running until mid-August, but you can party with the locals and explore the historic old town year-round. When you're ready for some R&R, head up north to the blindingly white sand and clear waters of Bocas Del Toro.

    9. Matera, Italy

    10. Yokohama, Japan

    Torsakarin / Getty Images

    Who'll love it: sports fans

    Why go in 2019: Sporting fever is taking over Japan as it gears up for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in September (and let's not forget the Olympics in 2020). Just over 30 minutes south of Tokyo, the colorful harbor city of Yokohama is home to Japan's largest stadium and will play host to seven games — including the final. The food is also incredible: we recommend visiting the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum and snacking your way through Chinatown (it's the biggest in Japan!).