14 Jokes Best Friends Forever Will Understand

    Thank God you found each other.

    1. How you keep it real with each other.

    2. Your standard for who dates them is basically unattainable.

    3. How only one of you can freak out at a time.

    4. Texting honestly.

    5. Your loving nicknames.

    6. Feeling like you can finally relate to someone.

    7. You can be a little ~possessive~ of each other...

    8. Having the best holidays together.

    9. When you're both over 30 and time together is precious.

    10. Alcohol only makes your love for each other stronger.

    11. When they have fur.

    12. This very accurate chart.

    13. Using them for smell checks.

    14. And ultimately coming together because you kind of hate everyone else.

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