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The Evolution Of Carrot Top

How many different shades of bizarre can this guy look?

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Once upon a time, Carrot Top was a normal-looking kid named Scott Thompson.

He apparently enjoyed watermelon

He knew he was already in for a lifetime of teasing, so he went ahead and joined the band.

Puberty wasn't particularly kind to Scottie.

In 1994, he looked like this.

He looked kind of strange...but hey, he still looked human.

He didn't always have the best sense of style

Then slowly, his face began to morph...

He began dying his hair unnatural shades of red

He seemed pleased with his new improvements

He tried a goatee for a while...

When that didn't work out, he knew what he needed to work on next...


He knew he had traveled a long way down the evolutionary road, but that there was still work to be done.

He needed to develop some super buff muscles.

I'm not saying any steroids were involved...

...but come on.

Then he was all about his muscles and "being tough" tough as Carrot Top could be, of course.

He became friends with other muscly tough guys

Pretty soon, Carrot Top was friends with everyone.

Nowadays, he still experiments with his look from time to time.

What does the future have in store for Carrot Top?

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