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So A Woman Poisoned Her Ex-Husband's Ham Sandwich With Itching Powder...

And for a surprising twist, this saga includes some undercover spy work on an online dating site.

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It sounds like something straight off of a Jerry Springer episode.

Cathy Turpin, a 56-year-old divorcée from Dublin, Virginia, must have really had a grudge against her ex-husband. She broke in to his house, cut the wires on the back of his refrigerator, and made an already gross condiment a bit more vile....

Her ex-husband unknowingly proceeded to make a ham and mayonnaise sandwich...

Alvin Turpin came home and noticed that his house had been broken in to. Nothing was stolen, so he went about his business. When he made his way over to his refrigerator, he saw that the wires had been cut. His food was still cold, so he decided to make a ham sandwich before addressing the issue.

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After an overnight stay in the hospital, some sleuth detective work on a dating site confirmed that he had actually been poisoned by his ex-wife.

The Turpins must have had a messy divorce. Since the divorce, Alvin Turpin's sister has been posing on an online dating site as a man and flirting with Cathy Turpin! The night Alvin was poisoned, Cathy emailed her supposed online lover that she poisoned Alvin's ham sandwich with itching powder.

Cathy just "wanted to make him sick and vomit out of spite"


Cathy has been convicted of adulteration of food and sentenced to 10 years in prison. And, as you might imagine, is also responsible for Alvin's medical bill.

Read the full story at The Roanoke Times.

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