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    Dave Grohl's AMA Won Reddit

    Dave Grohl wins. He just wins.

    He was excited to be doing an AMA

    He rolled with the punches. Even the ones from the 12-year-olds

    He admitted to owning Brian May's underwear

    He was happy to make someone's day

    He revealed the secret to his success

    He's an avid dick drawer

    He actually called someone a "ding-dong"

    He and the Foo Fighters rocked so hard that they apparently triggered a "seismic event"

    He provided us with personal grooming tips

    He got all scientific on us

    He loves his fried fucking chicken...

    ...and would eat his last meal at KFC.

    He kept it real

    He graced us with his beard

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    He's the kind of rocker you can bring home to mom

    ...but he doesn't want to look THAT nice

    He relates to Victoria Beckham

    He got a little political

    He's been jaded to the wonders of blow-up dolls

    He quit cold turkey

    He was perfect even in his speechlessness.

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    <3 you, Dave.