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    '90s Celebrities In Got Milk Ads

    White-lipped nostalgia.

    1. Backstreet Boys

    2. Rugrats

    3. Billy Ray Cyrus

    4. Freddie Prinze Jr.


    Make it big? Really?

    5. Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman as Matilda's parents

    6. Jennifer Love Hewitt

    7. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

    8. Dennis Rodman

    9. Austin Powers

    10. Frankie Muniz

    11. Erik Per Sullivan



    12. Bill Clinton and Bob Dole


    I feel cheated that there wasn't an Obama/Romney milk ad.

    13. Matthew Fox

    14. Hilary Duff

    15. Tracy Ullman

    16. Noah Wyle

    17. David Boreanaz

    18. Everybody Loves Raymond

    19. Britney Spears


    "Baby, one more time isn't enough"

    20. Jonathan Lipnicki


    Jonathan Lipnicki is a cute kid, but there is just something so wrong about a chocolate milk mustache...

    21. Blues Clues

    22. Lisa Kudrow & Jennifer Aniston

    23. Carson Daly

    24. Bart & Lisa Simpson

    25. Joshua Jackson

    26. Frasier

    27. Hanson


    Before the boys could grow mustaches of their own.

    28. Neve Campbell

    29. Kristi Yamaguchi

    30. Yasmine Bleeth

    31. Leann Rimes

    32. Serena & Venus Williams


    "Make ours doubles" written across their breasts in a Got Milk ad. Nice.

    33. Sarah Michelle Gellar