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18 Reasons Bradford Is Fucking Brilliant

Bradford isn't just Poundworld and boarded shops, you know.

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2. And some pretty important history, too.

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4. Speaking of famous people, we grew Dynamo and Zayn Malik.

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5. And you can’t move for people who once knew Gareth Gates.

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Don’t pretend you don’t love that cover of "Unchained Melody". Plus we always have someone on hand for grand openings.

6. Remember when Bradford City beat Chelsea?

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8. The town used to be a bit dire, let’s be honest, but there’s a shiny new shopping centre and we’re all losing our shit over it.

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9. We have Bombay Stores for any material needs you might have in your life. Ever.

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10. And could our Waterstones be the grandest in the world?

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Even Waterstones Leeds is a bit jel.


13. We now have a trendy brewery, too.

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16. There’s loads of places to enjoy art, like Salts Mill – which exhibits work from Bradford's very own David Hockney – and the Impressions Gallery near Centenary Square.

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17. Speaking of Centenary Square, what a beautiful place to chill out in summer.

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Plus, for all its faults, at least it's the right side of the Pennines. Amiright?