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    17 Roommates From Hell You Should Be Glad You're Not Living With

    If you think your roommate is bad, think again. 😩

    1. This roommate who THROWS AWAY dishes so he doesn't have to worry about them:

    2. And this roommate who left his cup dirty for a whole month:

    3. This roommate who somehow manages to leave toilet paper like this:

    4. This roommate who can't seem to put toilet paper on at all:

    5. And this roommate who goes for 1-ply toilet paper:

    6. This roommate who basically destroys bananas when he eats them:

    7. This roommate who basically blew up the stovetop:

    8. This roommate who is a very ~picky~ eater when it comes to pizza:

    9. This roommate who has a questionable method of taking out eggs:

    10. This roommate who avoids the icing — and ruins the cake:

    11. And this roommate who leaves their mark on every slice of cheesecake:

    12. This roommate who needs actual signs to clean up his messes:

    13. This roommate who just dives right in when it comes to butter:

    14. This roommate who didn't quite find the right fit:

    15. This roommate who goes straight for the peanut butter:

    16. This roommate who literally bit a popsicle and then put it back:

    17. And this roommate who just ✨leaves✨ dishes in the sink until they need them:

    Shoutout to r/mildlyinfuriating and r/mildlyinteresting for capturing these roommates in all their glory!