People Are Sharing Things That Get Harder As You Get Older, And Wow, These Might Hit You Hard

    "Watching my mom and dad get older." 💔

    Let's face it: We all get older and change — and some things about life can become drastically different.

    So when redditor u/pweetybird asked, "What have [you] found gets harder as you age?" fellow Reddit users shared tons of things that get harder, and they made some valid points.

    Here are some of the most eye-opening responses:

    1. "Making friends."

    A group of friends smiling for the camera

    2. "Watching my mom and dad get older."

    "I'm about to turn 30, and they have noticeably begun to slow down in their mid-60s. Each year seems to go by quicker and quicker with work and living apart."


    3. "Staying in touch with people. A few weeks or a month can fly by compared to when you're a teen."


    4. "Feeling and sustaining 'cozy Christmas feelings' and other similar feelings that were easy to have as a child."


    5. "Getting up after you’ve kneeled down."

    Someone grabs their knee in pain

    6. "Forcing myself to go out and have some fun."

    "Because I could simply stay at home — where it's warm — with my yoga clothes, my pets, and Netflix. Throughout the weekend."


    7. "The older you get, the more invisible you become in public."

    Someone looks sad, alone at home

    8. "Jumping at those trampoline parks without getting an injury."


    9. "Fitting my hand in the Pringles can. This is an unspeakable struggle, I can tell you."

    "Yes, I know I could just pour them out of the can, but that feels wrong."


    10. "Tolerance for BS."

    "You have far less time for stupid attitudes and behaviors from people, and you can see how fake many people in the media and politics there are."


    11. "All-nighters."

    Someone sits at their work desk, exhausted

    12. "Seeing the best in people and being compassionate."

    "It's really difficult to not become jaded as you get older because there's so much more you're exposed to compared to when you were a teen or younger..."


    13. "Taking care of my body."

    "As a young person, tequila, cigarettes, coffee, and rice were adequate sustenance, and four hours of sleep was plenty. As I get older, I have to wake up before the sun and exercise, think carefully about what I eat, sleep like eight hours, stretch, follow a regimented skincare routine, and hydrate constantly just to feel OK."


    14. "Changing my opinions. It's not that I'm not still an objective thinker, but I've made my mind up on many aspects of life."


    15. "Understanding new things — from cultural trends to technology."

    16. "Getting a job."


    17. "Sleeping in."

    "Something shifted in me when I had to start training myself to wake up early, and now I can't sleep in when I have the option, like I used to be able to."


    18. "Learning new languages."

    "Our brains are really flexible and learn new things easily when younger. This diminishes as age goes on."


    19. "Falling in love."

    A couple hold hands while hiking on a date

    20. "Digesting a meal without getting heartburn."


    21. "Being able to spend money on 'useless' stuff."

    "As you get older, most of your income goes toward bills and necessities. I can't go and buy myself a knickknack 'cause it'll knock my budget off."


    22. "Seeing in low light — this has probably been the single most annoying aspect of aging."

    Someone reads a book in a room with dim lighting

    23. "Getting over a hangover!"


    24. "Healing and recovery."

    "When I was in my 20s, I wouldn't hesitate to spend an entire day playing sports and then wake up the next day ready to do it again. I'm almost 40 now, and waking up the next day after playing just two softball games makes you sore as all hell. It SUCKS."


    And finally...

    25. "Trying to convince myself that there's still a chance that I'll do something great or memorable with my life."


    What do you think? What's something that gets harder as you age? Let us know in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.