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    19 Things For Your Bedside Table That Are Equally Useful And Aesthetic

    If your nightstand is currently a sea of clutter, these things may actually help.

    1. A floral ceramic tray to keep your jewelry, keys, and other trinkets organized — all while making them look pretty dang cute.

    A glossy small black ceramic tray that has a vintage floral print

    2. An adorable tissue box cover that will upgrade any ordinary square tissue box and add a fun ~homey~ touch.

    white house-shaped tissue box cover

    3. A two-piece water set with a minimalist design that will make you feel classy whenever you reach for a glass of water.

    A glass pitcher and matching glass cup

    4. A clear storage box that's small enough to ~not~ take up your entire bedside table, yet large enough to hold all of your little essentials.

    5. A set of woven coasters with lots of beachy vibes so you can protect your table in style.

    Bright woven coasters decorated with cowrie shells

    6. A silk sleeping mask that's soft and lightweight for a more comfortable and ~luxurious~ night's rest.

    A silk mask that comes with a sheer travel bag and elegant packaging

    7. A digital alarm clock with a super modern and sleek mirror surface, plus two handy USB ports to charge your devices.

    reviewer photo of digital alarm clock with a mirror surface that displays the time in large glowing numbers

    8. A cool picture holder to display 18 photos (or notes or artwork!) all at once. Prepare to be ~showered~ with all your favorite memories.

     plated stainless steel picture holder with an umbrella shape that has clips to hold photos

    9. A hand-poured Rosy Rings floral press candle that features a variety of real botanicals to bring nature right next to your bed.

    Candles of different sizes with various pressed flowers displayed on the lid

    10. A convenient wireless charging pad so you don't have to fumble with cords to charge your phone. Gone are the days of waking up in the morning to realize your phone is at 3% because you forgot to charge it!

    11. A Rifle Paper Co. colorblocked notepad that's pre-numbered so you can get a head start on your to-do list.

    A cute multi-colored pastel notepad featuring numbers 1 to 12 in gold

    12. Or a chic monogrammed journal with 80 lined pages to jot down as many notes as you'd like.

    Brightly colored journals with a vibrant striped design, each personalized with a letter on the cover

    13. A stylish pen set for jotting down all those notes, whether you're feeling silver, gold, or rose gold.

    14. A smartphone vase that's both a convenient stand for your cellphone and a cute place to hold your real — or fake — plants.

    A modern glossy clay vase that features a built-in stand to hold a cellphone

    15. A brass and marble accent lamp, because leaving the comfort of your bed to flip a switch doesn't have to be part of your nighttime routine.

    A geometric accent lamp with a cage-inspired brass design and a marble base

    16. A relaxing pillow spray with a light scent and a blend of natural oils like frankincense and lavender to enhance the quality of your sleep.

    The lavender-formulated & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray

    17. A ceramic boho stacking mug that's juuust the right size for your favorite coffee or tea.

    Ceramic mugs with natural boho designs, featuring one perfectly stacked on another

    18. A durable knitted eyeglass holder with multiple compartments so you can keep your glasses nearby when you're enjoying that late-night read.

    the white holder made from knitted yarn with two compartments to hold two eyeglasses

    19. And a ceramic phone amplifier that will give your audio an enhanced sound minus the electricity. It's basically a functional work of art for your space (and your ears).

    A ceramic phone amplifier with a minimalist speckled white design

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