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    People Are Calling Out Things Rich People Have Said Or Done That Are Extremely Out Of Touch, And It's Eye-Opening

    "I remember her crying on the phone and saying, 'How am I supposed to live on only $2 million a year?!?!'"

    The other day, redditor u/KateBeckinsale_PM_Me asked the question: "What are things you've (over)heard rich people say that shows they're incredibly out of touch with regular people...?"

    Fellow Reddit users shared the out-of-touch things they've witnessed rich people do and say, and it's eye-opening. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "'Poor people should just get a job.'"


    "And then when they hear that person has a job, what do they say? 'Get a better one.'"


    2. "Any of those rich celebrities talking about 'We're all in this together' and complaining how hard it is in lockdown because they're trapped in their five-star hotel or squillion-dollar mansion."


    A brand-new car wrapped with a giant bow

    3. "Teenagers who are mad when they don't get a car for their 16th birthday because they expect one. Also, ones who throw fits because they didn't get the right car."


    4. "My rich aunt was pretty wealthy, but then she married a man who was wealthy to a higher degree — a MUCH higher degree. They were married for about 15 years and had a good life, but he was older and passed away. Apparently, his nurse made changes to the will in the last few months of his life, and it left much less to my aunt than she was prepared for. I remember her crying to my dad on the phone and saying, 'How am I supposed to live on only $2 million a year?!?!' Meanwhile, my family are teachers."


    5. "When I first met my girlfriend's aunt, we were hanging out in her giant house, giant kitchen, freshly renovated with all the trimmings. Beautiful place. I look over and notice she's got these real tall shag rugs in a couple of the rooms, and I ask her how she vacuums the things, because, well, inquiring minds want to know! She replies with, 'Well, first of're assuming I clean my own house.' All she had to do was say it any other way that sounded less pompous."


    A beautiful home with a large pool

    6. "A former friend's boyfriend was angry because his grandmother had bought him a house of his own, but it didn't have a pool. She seemed to agree and think it was unfair. I can't even comprehend being that picky about being given a no-strings-attached house."


    7. "In college, I once got a temp job working at a sorority house dinner. One of the girls was dropping off her dirty plate at the sink for me to wash. She looks at me, then turns to her friend and said, 'God, I could never have a job like that where I had to touch other people’s food. I can hardly stand to touch my own food when I’m done eating it.' That was over 20 years ago, and it still sticks with me. Did she think I was washing other people’s dishes because it was fun for me? I was there because I didn’t know how I was going to eat that week otherwise."


    8. "I think the most common thing I’ve heard is something along the lines of 'Who cares, you can just buy another one' when it comes to something lost or damaged. It can be insulting and wasteful."


    At the airport with luggage and passports in hand

    9. "One of my friends is insanely rich and doesn't really take no for an answer. Calls me in the middle of the week and informs me that I'm going to Cyprus with him for two weeks, flight is in three days if I agree. Let me inform you that I'm a student, and I have a part-time job and two cats. It was really nice of him to take me on a trip, but I can't since I live a middle-class life. Took me one hour to explain to him why I can't go."


    10. "I was with one of the owners of a company I worked for years ago, and in a meeting for year-end bonuses, he stated, 'Wouldn't it be cool to get everyone a new car for a bonus?' Then our finance manager actually showed him what that would cost. His response? 'Well, I could do that if I wanted to, even if the business can't.' We didn't get new cars."


    11. "Customer: 'And then, my son landed his helicopter in our yard and the grass got all messed up. We had to pay the landscapers to get it all looking the same again. Can you believe that!?' Me: 'I literally can’t imagine, ma’am. Now, do you need any more adjustments to your blinds?'"


    The produce aisle in a grocery store with a bunch of bananas labeled "79 cents"

    12. "'It’s only one banana. What could it cost, $10?'"


    13. "My friend dated a really rich guy. Like, he had $27,000 A WEEK 'fun money.' He didn't understand why my friend couldn't just leave his job and go to England for a weeklong vacation."


    14. "There was a guy on a forum I frequented years ago who clearly grew up rich and once said he didn't have sympathy for anyone who doesn't always have $20K on hand to cover emergency expenses. It's wild — he genuinely thought that everyone should be able to easily save that much."


    15. And finally: "'Why don't the homeless just buy a house?' I have legitimately heard this said more than once without sarcasm."


    You can read the full thread here.

    What are things you've witnessed rich people say or do that are totally out of touch with other people's experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.