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People Who’ve Given (Or Received) An Ultimatum In Your Relationship, What Happened?

Do relationship ultimatums actually work?

By now, you've probably seen Netflix's latest reality dating show The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On — where six couples decide whether they want to marry their current partner or end their relationship for good.

a couple sitting in a patio

In the show, each couple's relationship is on the line as one partner wants to get married, the other — for one reason or another — isn't sure. So the partner who isn't ready to move forward has been given an ultimatum: either they get finally get engaged or move on with someone else.

Now, this got me thinking. If you've ever been given or received an ultimatum in your relationship, how did it go?

Like, maybe you were the one who was ready to get married and gave an ultimatum to your partner who wasn't ready — and even though you were together for years, you eventually decided to walk away.

someone tearing apart a paper heart

Perhaps you and your partner weren't moving forward because of other major disagreements. Maybe YOU were the one given an ultimatum because you didn't want kids and eventually got broken up with — but now you're with a someone who wants the same things in life.

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Or maybe you were given an ultimatum because you were unsure if you EVER wanted to get married at all. But after giving it time and talking it out, you and your partner took that next step, and it all worked out.

two people holding hands to show off the ring

What was the ultimatum in YOUR relationship? Did it actually help? Did it ruin everything? We want to hear about it!

In the comments below, tell us about a time you gave (or received) an ultimatum in a relationship — and what happened in the end. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, submit your story through this Google form. The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.