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People Are Sharing Things They're Convinced Everyone Is Pretending To Like, And These Are Some Hot Takes, Y'all

"'s just YouTube with time restrictions."

You ever see a new trend and wonder, "Do people really like this or are we all just pretending?"


Well, when redditor u/DionSinghLanda recently asked, "What’s something you’re sure everyone is just pretending to like?" fellow Reddit users gave tons of responses that are possibly very true — and also, very hilarious.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. "Shows like The Masked Singer and the like."

The character "The Hippopotamus" is on stage during the show "The Masked Singer"
Picture Alliance / dpa / picture alliance via Getty Images

2. "Flat Earth theory."

Dan Levy from "Schitt's Creek" cringes

"I don't believe you. You don't really think that. You're pretending for the sake of obstinacy."


3. "Employers' holiday parties."

The cast of "The Office" in the Christmas party episode, many of them dressed in festive clothes

4. "'Like and share: 1 like = 1 prayer.'"


"No, Rebecca, you don’t really care about this family/child/person! Stop pretending!"


5. "Facebook."

The Facebook logo on someone's phone screen
Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images

"Everyone who has quit it is happier."


6. "Cake fondant."

A baker trims fondant on a cake
500 / Getty Images / iStockphoto

7. "Other people’s kids."

A woman looks annoyed as a kid kicks her seat on an airplane
Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

8. "Other people."

At a movie theater, two people look annoyed as someone passes by and spills popcorn on them
Leland Bobbe / Getty Images

9. "Vacationing with extended family."


10. "Working a corporate job and using phrases like 'manage client expectations' and 'circle back.'"

A group of people in a business meeting
Flashpop / Getty Images

"And pretending to care about things that are absolutely irrelevant and meaningless to anything that actually matters in life."


11. "Running."

Someone checks their smart watch after a run
Oscar Wong / Getty Images

12. "Getting absolutely wasted to the point you pass out and lose all memory of it the next day."

A group of friends clink their glasses of beer
Izusek / Getty Images

13. "Twitter."

The Twitter logo on someone's phone
Picture Alliance / dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

14. "People who like the classic Christmas fruitcake."

Freshly baked fruitcake
Anouk Stricher / Getty Images

15. "Waking up early in the morning to work out."

Someone sits on their bed and ties their sneakers, getting ready for a morning workout
Vorda / Getty Images

16. "Watching golf on TV."

A bowl of popcorn and a TV remote with golf playing in the background
Freer Law / Getty Images / iStockphoto

"Like, playing golf is fine, and I believe exhausted dads like having a reason to sit inside and zone out on the weekends. But outside of its role as a socially acceptable white noise delivery system, I refuse to believe anyone enjoys it."


17. "LaCroix."

La Croix cans in a display case
Smith Collection / Getty Images

18. "Small talk."

Two people chatting on a date at a cafe
Lumina Images / Getty Images / Tetra images RF

19. "TikTok."

Cavan Images / Getty Images/Cavan Images RF

"'s just YouTube with time restrictions. What is it bringing to the world?"


20. "Kombucha."

A glass of homemade kombucha next to Brittany Broski, the "Kombucha Girl," shocked after trying kombucha for the first time
@brittany_broski / TikTok Lightfieldstudios / Getty Images / iStockphoto / Via

And finally...

21. "Hustle culture."

Prime Video

"Overworking every day, in every aspect of life, has to burn you out. I think it gets to a point of vindictive 'I suffered and so must you,' as well as weird masochism. You can be successful while maintaining boundaries; erasing them just sets a new and unattainable 'normal.'"


YIKES. What are some other things you think people just pretend to like? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.