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    People Are Sharing "Normal" Things That Are Actually Terrifying, And There Are No Lies Detected


    The other day, redditor u/Mangled_inside asked the internet: "What is something that you find terrifying that everyone finds normal?" Fellow Reddit users came through with some hilarious AND serious answers — and honestly, they're not wrong.


    Here are the interesting results:

    1. "Doctors being able to cut open your body and put it back together."

    A surgeon holds tools in an operating room
    Shannon Fagan / Getty Images

    2. "Driving."

    Someone holds a steering wheel while driving in the countryside
    Paulo Sousa / Getty Images / EyeEm

    3. "Honestly, pressure hydraulics. How anyone can be complacent around hot oil at 3,000 PSI is baffling to me."

    A complicated-looking pressure hydraulics system
    Lappes / Getty Images

    4. "Space...I mean like...WTF? Most people are like space, yeah planets and sh*t. But hell, it just goes and goes."

    An ominous view of earth from outer space
    Dima_zel / Getty Images / iStockphoto

    5. "The ocean."

    A person swimming under water
    Vernonwiley / Getty Images


    "As soon as I step foot in it, I’m fair game to all of the creatures in it. Yeah, surfing looks fun, but I’m not gonna dress up like a sea turtle and then act surprised when something tries to eat me. Not to mention, currents and rip tides. No thanks — I will respect it from the shore."


    6. "I sometimes get this weird fear that the bridge I’m crossing will suddenly collapse. So, I think I have a mild but rare case of gephyrophobia."

    An above-head view of a long bridge with cars driving over it
    Hannes Kutza / Getty Images / EyeEm Premium

    7. "The Thomas the Tank Engine theme song."

    A real-life replica of Thomas the Tank Engine
    NurPhoto / Getty Images

    "One time I was house sitting for a family, and the power went out. I was looking for candles down in their basement, and when I was walking through the family room to go back upstairs, I stepped on some kind of book/toy that played a distorted version of the song. It scared me so bad that I dropped one of the candles (somehow it didn’t break). It probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal, except it started playing again randomly 15 minutes later. I ended up putting the toy outside in the shed after it played the second time.

    That was five years ago, and even now when I hear the song or see Thomas, my heart starts racing, and I have unpleasant memories of that night."


    8. "Debt (student loans, car notes, mortgages, credit cards)."

    A calculator among credit cards, money, and lots of bills
    Boonchai Wedmakawand / Getty Images

    9. "Anybody that can consistently get themselves to wake up 10–15 minutes before their alarm is supposed to go off."

    Someone reaches over the shut off their alarm clock
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    10. "Lightning. I had been very close to a few strikes as a child and was subsequently terrified of it. I've become less utterly terrified of it in the last 10 years or so, but I'll still be fighting off a panic attack if I have to be outside during a storm."

    Lightning strikes a city at night
    Michael Sanders / Getty Images

    11. "Switching lanes on the freeway."

    Several cars rushing on the freeway
    James Osmond / Getty Images

    12. "Getting old."

    A young person holds the hands of an elderly person
    Jasmin Merdan / Getty Images

    13. "The Hamburger Helper hand. It doesn’t make design or logical sense. It’s a glove with the face in the palm, so it’s not functional. Frightening."

    A box of Hamburger Helper, with its infamous hand mascot
    Geri Lavrov / Moment Editorial / Getty Images

    14. "Social media. I've lived long enough to see it fundamentally change society and the people in it. Not for the better."

    Someone checking their social media on their phone
    Maskot / Getty Images

    15. "Time. It's basically the measure of decay."

    An hourglass of sand pouring slowly
    Bernie_photo / Getty Images

    16. "Pregnancy. I mean, just stop and think about the whole concept for a second…"

    Someone pregnant holds their stomach
    Jgi / Getty Images / Tetra images RF

    17. And finally: "Parents who make social media accounts for their baby, then proceed to comment as if their baby is replying back to everyone."

    A parent takes a photo of their child
    Mrs / Getty Images

    According to you, what's something normal that's actually terrifying? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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