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Nevadans Roasted People For Mispronouncing Nevada, And It's Pretty Funny

"It's pronounced Nevada, not Nevada."

Though the presidential race has been called for Joe Biden, many of us won't forget about Nevada — the state that has basically become a meme for its, um, ~counting pace~.

streets saying this the mf counting votes in nevada

As America waited for the results of the 2020 presidential election, Nevada was trending as one of the remaining states counting ballots to finally determine the winner.

But here's the thing: While people have been talking all about Nevada this week, apparently many have been mispronouncing the state's name, too.

For the past few days — as America waited for election results — Nevadans stepped up to show the rest of us how it's done:

Nevada will refuse to announce the presidential winner until the entire nation learns how to pronounce our name correctly. Whenever someone says NE-VAH-DUH, we start all over again

After Nevada wins this for us, please, everyone for the love of God, pronounce our state correctly

we ain’t releasing votes til you pronounce Nevada right

if you pronounce nevada like "nuh-vuh-duh" please BLOCK ME

i bet the people who pronounce nevada nevada are the same ones who pronounce tomato tomato

Still can’t get over how some people pronounce Nevada “Neh-VAW-da.”

why can't u guys pronounce nevada correctly

Yes, apparently it's Ne-VAD-uh, not Ne-VAH-duh.

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Pronunciation Book / YouTube / Via

So yeah, the short "a" sound makes all the difference.

And while this is news to some...

I was this week years old when I finally learned how to pronounce "Nevada"

I can't get over the fact that nevada is pronounced as "nuh-va-da" and not "neh-va-da"

...others just want to be left alone:

no I actually cannot pronounce nevada the right way leave me alone

Nevadans waiting for someone to post literally anything so they can tell them that its pronounced Nevada not Nevahduh

And now that the election results are in — and Nevada itself has been called for Biden — some are still poking fun at the fact that they just wanted to know who won the election:

Nevada running in late with their results trying to stay relevant is a nice touch to all this

nevada you're a little late honey

we were all waiting on nevada and they were probably bitter that pennsylvania took the spot light 😭😭

That's all people could ever have asked for.

So, Nevada...thanks for all your effort.

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