31 Jokes About Nevada Because — Girl, Seriously — Speed It Up, Please

    You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to HURRY THE HELL UP.

    Good morning, my beautiful friends, and welcome to day three of "Who Wants to be America's Next President" — a game show none of us Americans bargained for but simultaneously cannot look away from!

    By now, you're likely aware that most of the states are here and accounted for, with the exception of a few key battleground states — and one state in particular that's become the unlikely standout. Y'all already KNOW I'm talking about Nevada.

    So, with that in mind, here are some of the absolute funniest memes and jokes* from both Twitter and Tumblr about Nevada and her...counting pace:

    *Now, I do just want to say clearly and upfront: These jokes are all in good fun, and all of us truly appreciate every one of the poll workers and ballot counters who are busting their butts to get these votes counted! Thank you! Now, enjoy these giggles!

    1. This ambitious MCU crossover:

    can you hurry and count the votes? Nevada:

    2. This Monty Python skit in the making:

    3. This iconic R&B mash-up:

    4. This IRONY:

    5. This...timeframe:

    no one: nevada releasing the final election count:

    6. This visual representation:

    7. This reality show likeness:

    Nevada gonna wake up tomorrow and announce the presidency like “I have two photos in my hand...”

    8. This Veep prediction:

    9. This educational lesson:

    y’all rushing tf out of Nevada. girl we 50th in education give us a second we can’t count 😌

    10. This tired sponge:

    11. This slow (but steady) home run:

    Live look at Nevada counting ballots:

    12. This pronunciation proclamation:

    13. This Nevadan vacation:

    “It won’t take long for Nevada to count the votes” Nevada:

    14. This oldie but goodie:

    15. This...conversation:

    Nevada and Georgia waiting for each other to finish counting ballots

    16. This A+ visual:

    17. This blatant, relatable lie:

    USA: where u at? Nevada: I’m on the freeway

    18. This reason why we need to calm down:

    19. This Among Us task:

    20. This musical moment:

    21. This relationship goal:

    i wanna find someone who looks at me like the way everyone's looking at nevada 🥺🥺

    22. This shot we're not throwing away:

    23. This Disney/Pixar reference:

    this the mf counting the votes in Nevada rn😭

    24. This helpful alien race:

    25. And this OTHER Disney/Pixar reference:

    26. This inaccurate timeframe:

    Nevada: we are going to release an updated count at 12 pm EST Me checking the votes:

    27. This unwanted cactus:

    28. This, frankly, BDE move:

    watch nevada walk in to report results with a huge iced coffee

    29. This big storm a-comin':

    30. This fearful, knowing glance:

    Nevada looking at Georgia because no one wants to be the first to submit numbers that send Biden to 270 because they know they’ll get mobbed by Trump supporters.

    31. And finally — this hostile (but loving) exit:

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