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    McDonald's Had The Funniest Response On Twitter For People Asking If The McRib Is Coming Back

    I truly appreciate whoever runs the McDonald's Twitter account.

    Remember long, long ago when McDonald's had the famous McRib — a pork sandwich with BBQ sauce, onions, and pickles — on the menu??

    The McRib barbecue sandwich
    Paul J. Richards / Getty Images

    The sandwich first debuted in 1981, but after low sales, it was removed from the menu in 1985. Since then, McDonald's has brought it back every now and then for a limited time.

    A McDonald's has a sign that reads "McRib is back"
    David Paul Morris / Getty Images

    In the US, its last nationwide reintroduction was October 2019.

    Over the years, the rare McRib has obtained quite a fan base. I mean, there's literally a website dedicated to tracking McRib sightings at McDonald's locations.

    The McRib sandwich at a McDonald's restaurant
    David Paul Morris / Getty Images

    Because some people just can't get enough:

    Since no one wants to ask the hard questions I will. @McDonalds where’s the McRib been at??!

    I may say that I’m ok but deep down I just want the McRib to be back


    So, to appease fans who have been demanding the sandwich's permanent return, McDonald's had a surprisingly funny "solution."


    Instead of answering when the McRib is coming back, McDonald's teased customers with a pensive tweet: "It's always 'when is the McRib coming back' and never 'how are you doing person who runs the McDonald's account.'"

    it’s always “when is the McRib coming back” and never “how are you doing person who runs the McDonald’s account”

    Good point, person who runs the McDonald's Twitter account, good point.


    Other brands went along with the joke and chimed in with tweets of support for McDonald's — like Instagram:

    @McDonalds felt that. sending all the ❤️ 🍟 🍔


    @McDonalds Honestly, same. No, idk when dark mode is coming out. 😭 Also, I'm fine thanks.


    @McDonalds How are you doing person who runs the McDonald’s account? -Xoxo, person who runs the Target account.


    @McDonalds We feel you… it’s always “when will IBM make computers again” never “how’s it going social media person”


    @McDonalds Starting a social media manager support group lmk if you want to join

    And Xbox:

    @McDonalds If you ever feel Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Bummed, we’re always here if you need to talk, about anything…anything.

    Then some, like HBO, threw in a lighthearted jab:

    @McDonalds I’ve never felt more seen. Like, I don’t know when House of the Dragon is premiering. Unrelated: When is the McRib coming back?

    DC's Doom Patrol even used the moment as an opportunity to bring up the fast-food chain's infamous ice cream machines:

    @McDonalds Ok but is your ice cream machine working yet? Because @Wendys always has a cold Frosty waiting for me.

    The McRib was being tweeted about so much that it started trending on Twitter — but when it came to the McDonald's menu, it was still ~unavailable.~

    If this doesnt describe the McRib I honestly dont know what would.

    So despite the heartwarming moment, some people still had an important question:

    When is the McRib coming back?

    Cool, so when’s the McRib coming back?

    IS the McRib coming back?

    @McDonalds How are you doing person that won’t tell us when the McRib is coming back.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see.