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15 Hacks From McDonald's Customers That Are Truly Game-Changing

Fries + Big Mac sauce = amazing.

1. Instead of ordering a Sausage Egg McMuffin, order a normal Sausage McMuffin and add an egg to save some dollars.

copej79 / Via

2. If you're craving something sweet with your coffee, try adding espresso in a vanilla milkshake.

gracebandpics / Via

3. Eating a Big Mac (or any burger, really) inside of a fries container ensures that any slippage will be successfully caught.

4. If you're on the go, you can use this little trick to eat one-handed.

kayleehillier / Via

5. Instead of ordering a regular chicken biscuit, get it with McGriddle bread instead.

joeyinigo / Via

6. Animal-style fries? Psh. Try ordering fries with Big Mac special sauce on top!

tjmack101 / Via

7. An order of soft baked cookies + an Oreo McFlurry = PERFECT ICE CREAM SANDWICHES.

mainframebird / Via

8. You can get a burger that tastes just like a Big Mac (and save $$$) when you order a McDouble with fewer condiments, but add Big Mac sauce.

agentakit / Via

9. And if you're craving a chicken parm, you can order a plain Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich and an order of mozzarella sticks. Add the Mariana Sauce on top — VOILA!

jmbergerson / Via

10. Add a soft serve cone on top of a frozen Coke OR root beer to make a float.

grabyourfork / Via

11. And adding chicken nuggets to your own bed of lettuce makes for a great chicken salad.

mrsmegankirchner / Via

12. And since breakfast is served all day, you can ABSOLUTELY add an egg to that burger.

ak_catherine / Via

13. Need a sauce holder while driving? A McFlurry lid will come in handy here.

14. Make your apple pie a little bit fancier by adding some soft serve on the side.

15. And finally, create your own McBrunch by ordering hotcakes and a kid's meal fruit bag to make your own "crepes!"

pres10mae / Via