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    Fans Are Joking That Lil Nas X "Should Be" A Professional Rapper After He Wrote A Brilliant New Song For A TikTok Video

    It's a BOP!!!

    It’s no secret that Lil Nas X is an incredibly talented ~and~ creative music artist.

    Lil Nas X attends the Tom Ford AW20 Show at Milk Studios on February 07, 2020
    Amy Sussman / Getty Images

    Since the success of his viral hit "Old Town Road," the rapper, singer, and songwriter has won several awards — including two Grammys.

    Lil Nas X holds two awards at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2020
    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    So, when I saw that Lil Nas X uploaded a new video on his TikTok account where he participated in a songwriting challenge for fun, I knew I was in for a treat.

    Lil Nas X in his TikTok next to the TikToker who started the challenge, which is called "Songwriting Challenge: Secret Edition"
    @lilnasx / Via

    The challenge was started by singer and songwriter @alexachalnick on TikTok, and she encouraged users to duet her video with their own lyrics in response to the lyrics that she sings.


    #SongwritingChallenge The Secret Edition🤫 We’re gettin advanced now w the music tech🤩 #compose#write#sing#act#duetme

    ♬ Songwriting Challenge THE SECRET EDITION - AlexaChalnick

    Dubbing the challenge "The Secret Edition," Alexa gave her song a ~mischievous~ theme, pretending to be someone talking to someone else about some sort of secret mission.

    TikToker Alexa Chalnick sings the lyrics "Sure no one followed you?" then "So you really want in?"
    @alexachalnick / Via

    At the beginning of the video, Alexa said she would repost her favorite duet from the challenge — but I'm sure she wasn't expecting none other than LIL NAS X (!!!!!) to try it out.


    Lil Nas X duetted her video with an original rap, and MY OH MY, it's SO GOOD!!!!


    #duet with @alexachalnick lol hope she see this 👨🏾‍💻

    ♬ Songwriting Challenge THE SECRET EDITION - AlexaChalnick

    Pretending to be in on the ~secret~, he rapped his own lyrics while playing his role — and every line was nothing short of genius.

    Lil Nas X raps original lyrics on TikTok: "Look I know the deal, you're stealing 50 mill; I know you gotta plan, but I got the spill; I could really" and then continues: "Oh, please cut the spit; you're way too broke to be acting rich"
    @lilnasx / Via

    A+ use of emojis, too.

    The delivery. The rhymes. The storyline. It was witty and fun, and I was 100% here for it!!!

    Lil Nas X continues his original TikTok rap: "you better keep it down, 'cause if anybody's listening, this whole things" and then continues: "Well anyway, can we have a talk, your brother Manny, man he faker than a Photoshop"
    @lilnasx / Via

    Can this be a real song, please?

    Fans praised the video — loving the idea and Lil Nas' duet — and many had jokes that his rap was so good, he should consider pursuing a music career:

    One commenter says, "Damn bro you should try making music"
    @lilnasx / Via
    Another commenter says, "You're really good, ever considered doing it professionally?"
    @lilnasx / Via
    Another fan says, "You you should be a rapper, dude"
    @lilnasx / Via
    And a final comment says, "That's so cool, you should try songwriting"
    @lilnasx / Via

    Funny enough, Lil Nas X captioned his video, "lol hope she see this 👨🏾‍💻." She DID, of course, and she had the best reaction, which she shared by duetting his video:


    #duet with @lilnasx lol hope he sees this 👩🏼‍💻

    ♬ Songwriting Challenge THE SECRET EDITION - AlexaChalnick

    Cheekily captioning her video, "lol hope he sees this 👩🏼‍💻," Alexa had the reaction any fan would have: "Lil Nas X duetted and I'm NOT OKAY," she wrote in the TikTok.

    TikToker Alexa Chalnick grabs her hair in shock as she reacts to Lil Nas X duetting her video
    @alexachalnick / Via


    "I know these challenges aren't easy so the fact he took the time to do this means the WORLD," she continued.

    TikToker Alexa Chalnick continues her reacting in complete shock
    @alexachalnick / Via

    This is so fun and wholesome! And they're both so talented!

    TikToker Alexa Chalnick finishes her reaction with a thank-you: "Thanks for duetting, Nas"
    @alexachalnick / Via

    You can watch Lil Nas X and Alexa's full duet for the challenge here.


    TikTok videos not playing for you? You might need to change the settings on your device — here's how.

    What do you think of Lil Nas X's rap? Let me know in the comments below!

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