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    Kesha Joined In On This Viral TikTok Trend To Re-Create Her "TiK ToK" Look, And I’m Suddenly Back In 2009

    Remember when "TiK ToK" was just a song?

    SURELY you remember the 2009 hit song “TiK ToK” by Kesha.


    The song was her debut single and topped the charts for, like, ~ages~.

    Indeed — there was once a time when "TiK ToK" was just a song and not an app! It was basically a party anthem that had lots of unforgettable lyrics. Exhibit A:


    Well, yesterday Kesha took every millennial back to high school when she uploaded this TikTok video featuring a makeover inspired by the song.


    👻👻👻👻👻 #albumlookalike#fyp #foryou #kesharosebeauty #happyathome

    ♬ Trumpet Sax - lextay_40

    Kesha took inspiration from this viral TikTok album look-alike trend where people are re-creating looks from album covers and hilariously using them in everyday situations. Like this one on working out:


    i don’t own a pink dress#fyp

    ♬ Trumpet Sax - lextay_40

    This one on breakups:


    #greenscreen #neverfitin #albumlookalike #jamsession #bakingrecipe #fyp #foryoupage #brycehall #goingpro #promlook #natureathome

    ♬ Trumpet Sax - lextay_40

    And this one on cooking:


    The most important ingredient!! (📹: @chefjakecohen) #FEEDFEED #albumlookalike #learnfromme #neverfitin #chef #cooking

    ♬ Trumpet Sax - lextay_40

    Other celebrities like Jason Derulo have playfully joined in as well:


    When she says she’s leavin if I don’t give her my passcode #albumlookalike

    ♬ Trap Sax - Nish

    So, when Kesha posted her video, fans had plenty of funny comments about her familiar look.

    First, there's the makeup. The edgy smudged eyeliner.


    Avril Lavigne who???

    Next, the hair flip. Perfect for those messy, rock star tresses.

    And finally, the pose. Staring into the camera, hands open, ready to blow glitter right into your face.

    And voilà — the finished product! OK, queen! Identical!

    kesha / TikTok / Via, RCA

    Kesha, meet Ke$ha.

    Hey, it may be 2020, and Kesha may no longer style her name with a dollar sign, and she may also be rocking dark hair now, but I've been hit with a wave of nostalgia!!!


    So, Kesha, thanks for bringing us back to the old days and for re-creating "TiK ToK" on TikTok. Very meta.


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