23 Brutal Jokes About Working As An Adult That Hit A Liiiiittle Too Close To Home

    Ah yes, "no one wants to work anymore." 🫠

    Work. You either love what you do...or you don't love it all that much. Either way, people love to joke about it.

    So, here are just 23 funny tweets about jobs and money that are simply relatable and/or hilarious — and mayyy hit a little too close to home:

    1. There's the fact that for some reason, you're always tired during the workday:

    you should be allowed to leave work early if you are too sleepy and you want to go beddy bye

    Twitter: @zachsilberberg

    2. Like, you may wake up some days feeling like this:

    Twitter: @northstardoll

    3. And despite all the hard work you do, buying a home might seem a bit impossible at the moment:

    Little did I know this would be the closest I would ever get to being a homeowner

    Twitter: @kushkrossing

    4. There are the work emails:

    Twitter: @twilightreborn

    5. Having to interact with customers:

    working in retail as an introvert is so fucking exhausting

    Twitter: @soestherr

    6. Getting called into your manager's office:

    My favourite thing about having a job is assuming I’m sacked everytime I get called into my managers office 🤞🏻😂

    Twitter: @iamKirsty_

    7. *Trying* to call in sick:

    Twitter: @iHad2GoGetit

    8. Speaking to HR:

    I told a joke to my boss and he must have found it really funny because now I get to tell it to HR.

    Twitter: @mommajessiec

    9. Working overtime:

    me omw to go ask my boss for overtime shifts so I can go to more eras tour shows

    Twitter: @youremyloverr

    10. And juggling literally everything:

    I can't believe having a job includes managing my own mental health, anxiety and stress or else I won't be able to work. I don't want to be responsible for myself!!!

    Twitter: @gojuris

    11. The interview process can be daunting:

    I have a phone interview today and someone told me to “just be myself” so I’m not going to answer the call

    Twitter: @caithuls

    12. We need to know what happens next ASAP!!!:

    The whole applying to jobs, waiting for a interview, waiting for a callback shit so aggravating. like i need to know as soon as i apply if i got the job 😂

    Twitter: @__LaRaeee

    13. Oh, and you need, like, 10 years of experience for an entry-level job:

    @mightybattlecat Don't forget insisting on people having x years of experience for their entry-level jobs. (Why yes, I *did* fall into the trap of 'how am I supposed to *get* experience if people won't hire me for not having it??'.)

    Twitter: @Firebird308

    14. Gen Z'ers are taking over the workplace (and they will NOT be staying late under any circumstances):

    i just asked my gen z coworker to work past 3pm today and they took me behind a sweetgreen and shot me in the leg follow me for more generational analysis

    Twitter: @0xgaut

    15. Meanwhile, millennials are burned out:

    I feel like 80% of millennials either have a job in the service industry or making excel spreadsheets and either way you’re spending most of your day complaining about tables

    Twitter: @samlymatters

    16. For some, asking for time off may go like this:

    Find a job somewhere else? Don't mind if I do.

    Twitter: @fuckyouiquit

    17. But, of course, "no one wants to work anymore":

    @fuckyouiquit “But we can’t find workers, no one wants to work anymore”

    Twitter: @JulesGraham70s

    18. AI is probably taking over everything:

    wake me up when ChatGPT can procrastinate for 7 hours before starting a manual data entry task, then I’ll feel threatened in my job

    Twitter: @iamdevloper

    19. You may need a little motivation sometimes:

    if someone gave me a sweet forehead kiss maybe it’ll inspire me to stay at my job a little longer

    Twitter: @onyxguk

    20. Being employed can solve many problems:

    i was only obsessed w ppl i was dating when i was unemployed so my solution for y’all still checkin likes is to get a job

    Twitter: @slickjit

    21. We all just need money:

    ppl rlly don’t drop money on the floor like they used to

    Twitter: @f8the

    22. We really do:

    I’ve done some terrible things for money. Like getting up early to go to work.

    Twitter: @DocAtCDI

    23. But all in all, we love having a job:

    I love having a job I just really hate attending this bitch😭

    Twitter: @VeeBiggaveli

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